21 Great Ways to Store Your Shoes

“Consider your entire closet when planning storage of your shoes. You don’t want to make room for shoes only to displace other items.  possible, avoid storing shoes underneath hanging clothes because they’ll be hard to see. Choose clear drawers or boxes so that you can quickly identify the pair you want. Make sure shoes are stored where they’re easy to access but also protected. Outfit your shoes with shoe trees to help protect the shape. Cedar shoe trees, in addition to shaping your shoe, absorb moisture that will weaken and damage the shoe.”


Photo by http://www.houzz.com/

I am the epitome of the cliched single gal who spends 90 percent of her disposable income on shoes. Storing them in a way where you can see what you have is a challenge. The best way is probably to keep them in opaque boxes with a photo of the shoes on the front. But who the heck has time for that? Here’s how the pros are storing shoes these days.

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