21 Bamboo Garden Design Ideas To Bring Fortune Inside Home

Bamboo gardening involves a little bit of care in the beginning, but the rewards are definitely worth it. It’s a great indoor plants also which you can modify its design to fit your style. We have one in our living room which is designed based on Feng Shui.

If you are looking for a houseplant which needs very little light and minimal care, then bamboo is the best choice. Bamboo is an essential element in traditional Asian style of decorating home. It is an ideal choice for modern eco style of home decoration using house plants.

(C) Decor10blog

(C) Decor10blog

Bamboo garden helps you to pursue gardening, decorate home and also at the same time, has got some importance in Feng-shui as well. Lucky bamboo is considered the best plant for doing Feng-shui cure for your home. It is an amazing plant which gives very peaceful atmosphere and energy to your home.

Bamboo garden ideas for Feng-shui

Bamboo plants combines five elements of Feng-shui cure which are essential for harmonious and happy universe. Wood (bamboo plant wood), Earth (soil in which bamboo grow), Water (water you provide for your house plant), Fire (red ribbon tied to the plant) and Metal (pot in which your plant is growing) are five elements of Feng-shui cure.

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