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8 Expert Tips for Buying Vintage or Antique Rugs

If you love to decorate your home with unique and engaging pieces, Vintage or Antique rugs are just the thing for you. These rugs are a far cry from the modern rugs or contemporary rugs that you come across.”

When Im in Turkey I never go to the bazaar says Shabahang. Most people have to hire a guide to navigate and these guides...

Investment pieces for your home can run the gamut from a custom-made cashmere sofa to a mint-condition commode found at a French flea market. But when it comes to buying a rug—whether a gorgeous Turkish kilim or a flawless Persian carpet—the investment may not seem worth it. After all, a carpet does get walked on and accidents somehow always seem to happen. But an antique rug can be a great investment, if you know what to look for. Luckily, international rug purveyor Bahram Shabahang, co-owner of the carpet firm Orley Shabahang, has pointers on what watch out for when shopping for a top-quality rug. Read on for Shabahang’s tips on how to get the most for your money.


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Why Fitted Furniture Are Popular Nowadays

What’s fitted furniture? It is customized furniture that’s been handmade by a craftsperson. And it may seem this type of furniture will be costlier, but regardless of the somewhat higher price you pay for handmade furniture, you’ll get returns in that this is furniture that will last, be durable, and best of all, is going to be forwarded to future generations.”
Furniture that will fit into the available space in an office or in your own home is known as fitted furniture. These are also called bespoke furniture. This kind of products give you a number of benefits when compared to the ready-made fittings. Even though they are somewhat pricey, the investment gives you a excellent bang for your buck.

Better space management

The furniture is fundamentally custom made to make the best use of available space. To end result is frequently very smooth and complementary. Free standing furnishings are often used in any available space. Once the available space is small, a few furnishings may need to be discarded since they cannot be fit in. In some cases, the space might be quite large and free standing pieces wind up appearing lonely and tiny in proportion to the rest of the room. Bespoke furniture enables the homeowner to create greater space for storage.

Bringing personal taste into play

By purchasing bespoke furniture you happen to be buying a piece which is original and one of a kind. No one else can have the exact same piece of furniture as you and there is simply nothing better than having a unique piece, specially when you’ve had a hand in the look and design of it. You’ve got full control of everything to do with your furniture, from the first discussion of what you want until the end product. This lets you make sure you get just what you need and thus you’re certain to be left feeling happy and content with the end result.

Versatility of design
The flexibility in design
signifies that more storage space can be achieved for items. Most free-standing furniture is of fairly low height. Fitted furniture indicates it is possible to go as high as you like. It also lets you suit your furniture to any awkward corners around the home. This is also true for houses which have attics with slopping ceilings. As the designs are customized, the homeowner can take advantage of this opportunity to create an effect that is truly unique. It is an outstanding chance to experiment, but it should be done within reason.

Bespoke furniture enables you to show off who you are as best as possible because you have total control over the elements incorporated in the furniture. Please remember, the value of a home boosts when fitted furniture are used for home furnishing. Even a single bedroom apartment might attain space that way of a two bedroom apartment. If you’re planning to buy an apartment in the near future, make sure you outdo your furniture with fitted wardrobes and beds that can boost the appearance of your apartment.

Decorating with Shabby Chic Home Decor Style

A shabby chic look is a design and style that naturally lends itself to decorating on a budget. It is because the Shabby Chic look depends on utilizing fixtures which are comfortable, time-worn, and in keeping with easy and practical living.”
Shabby chic is an interior design style that incorporates used, antique furniture and vintage components to create a style that’s both stylish and popular.

Shabby chic decor will give your home the appearance and atmosphere you desire, without costing a fortune of money. This style is cozy, relaxed and incredibly romantic. You can almost picture the soft, warm breeze floating over the room! Here are a few of its basics.

Painted Walls: Chances are your Shabby Chic space has soft walls – something such as white, beige, or a pale pastel like butter yellow. Instead, utilize a bold, saturated color from one of the fabric patterns within the room. To illustrate, if you have a floral pattern with a white background in the room, pick a vibrant pink or green present in that fabric.

Unmatched Printed Fabrics: To liven up the white slip covers, printed and patterned fabrics are included as comfortable throw pillows, chair cushions, bedding, etc. These fabrics tend to be floral but could even be striped, paisley or any other type of subdued print. These types of various patterns and colours creates a relaxed feel in a Shabby Chic house, and enables a budget decorator to purchase remnants to mix and match.

Unique furniture: A lot of properties have stashes of unused furniture in the garage or attic. Generally, they are substituted with newer pieces. You may bring a few of them back again, proverbially speaking, if you’ve got the some perserverance to alter them yourself. You just need light colored paint – ideally white – sandpaper, a piece of cloth and a cleaning solution.

Flowers: A huge thing that many overlook with a shabby chic space is flowers. Living flowers are a good way not only to make a space smell better, but also feel better. Furthermore, one can choose various flowers which can add into their theme. Roses are a great flower to include in the princess feel, while sunflowers work well with the eclectic feel. These live flowers are a fantastic way to add comfort to the space, as numerous feel more welcome in a space that includes these natural elements.

Unique Lighting: Shabby Chic features lamps and lamps that will generally look like flea market finds. Often the light fixtures have glass or crystal beads that in juxtaposition to the casual furniture creates surprise look. Lamps are frequently painted, and feature fabric shades created from printed fabrics.

If you want a style of your own that won’t break your bank account, shabby chic is it. Create a look which is light, open, airy, relaxed, romantic, elegant and feminine, all in one! It’s a look that is original, and one you can enjoy with total comfort and ease.

Tips for Choosing the Best Desk for Your Computer

A computer desk is something important to hold your computer in safe and proper way. Undoubtedly, you have to select the right product that features top quality materials and sturdy construction so that the reliability of the desk to hold your computer well.”
Sure a computer desk gets its name simply because its main duty is always to store your computer. If you’re someone who constantly uses the computer, it truly becomes your base of operations. It’s where you pay the bills, read the news, check your email, play minesweeper plus more. But computer desks are more than just tabletops for you to sit at. Here are some ideas to get the best one.

An important thing to check is the space in your room. It is an important aspect to discover the appropriate shape of desk in your room. If you have plenty of space in your room, you can find almost all types and shapes of computer desk. However, if you only have small space in your room, type and shape is important things.

A corner computer table is a superb space saver because it take advantage of the corner space that is frequently ignored. Corner desks are meant to fit snuggly in between the corners formed by two connecting walls. If you can find a corner computer table that is created vertically rather than horizontally, then you will be able to save much more space. A vertical corner desk maximizes unused space in your home, leaving you more room to add other pieces.

Absolutely, the space of your room will be determining the size of the desk also. Always choose a product with correct size to make your room looks lovely and neat. Room with small space should have small size desk. If it’s possible, you should also seek out computer desk in simple style and shape. For room with large space, you need to choose desk in appropriate size, not too big and not too small. Consequently, it is going to blend perfectly with your interior decor.

Then, look at the material. The main purpose in examining the material is ensuring that this particular furniture can hold your computer system safely. Thus, always check the strength of the material, if you are choosing wooden, solid, glass, or metal desk. Look into the construction too, given that strong material just isn’t sufficient to provide safe compartment for your computer parts.

A computer desk’s major function is to be an area where one can work from your computer. However don’t limit yourself to pondering that’s all it will do. There are plenty of small yet useful features which will make your work environment that a lot more cozy and efficient

Picking a Potty Chair

While searching for the perfect potty, one might feel overwhelmed by the various types of potty seats available. From different ranges like the easy and basic ones to the most modern, you will find there’s seat that can match both your child’s expectations along with your budget.”
Potty training is truly deemed necessary that everybody encounters at some time. In general, many toddlers must be trained to make use of the potty and leave the diapers behind somewhere between the ages of 18 months and three years. While searching for the perfect potty, one might feel overwhelmed by the many forms of potty seats available. From different ranges such as the simple and basic ones to the most exuberant, you will find there’s seat which will match both your child’s expectations and your budget.

Reduce your search by deciding if you want to choose a portable model that can sit on the floor, or a potty seat insert that can sit on top of your regular toilet. Using one of the inserts can make cleanup a snap since all you have to do is flush and occasionally wipe the seat. Some kids seem to be afraid to “go” in a regular toilet at first though. Since these toilet inserts are rather inexpensive, this is usually a good start for you just to give it a try. After your child gets used to potty training, she will start using the insert. Plus this model is extremely portable. You’ll be able to take it with you when you visit grandma.

Potty seats may have a safety issue attached to them. You need to provide a step stool of some kind for your child to climb up onto the training seat safely. Some children love this, but some toddlers greatly dislike this part of using a toilet seat; in fact, they’re downright scared.

If your kid is a big fan of a particular character like Dora The Explorer (TM) or Elmo (TM), you might like to purchase a potty chair with a sticker of her favorite. Of course you can also adorn any basic potty with some stickers. This will make it a lot easier to persuade a stubborn kid to give potty training a try. Just tell her Dora send the chair and said it was time to get out of diapers.

Bottom line? Selecting a potty training toilet seat plainly depends upon your way of toilet training and your child’s unique personality. Some parents will be happiest having both a potty seat and a potty chair; and actually, some potty chairs come apart to use as both chair and seat. A parent must also be flexible as a toddler might initially favor one or another after which change their mind as they advance in age and maturity.

Again, be very consistent and patient. Soon, you are well on track to become a parent of a diaper-free child..

8 Telltale Signs You Could Have a Broken Sewer Line

Just the thought of sewer line issues makes most owners cringe. Complications with a sewer line can be costly, particularly if don’t catch an issue early on. For houses that are served by a city sewer, the municipality will most often care for and maintain the line running ` the street.”


Sinks, tubs, and toilets that are continually clogged and leak dirty sewer water onto your floors may be more than a clogged sewer pipe. It could be due to a broken pipe in your home or yard – after all, a broken sewer line gives off telltale signs. When you know what to look for you can find your sewer line problem quickly and have it repaired…


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Tips for Selecting a Comfortable Upholstered Chair

Due to the increasing demand for these comfortable upholstered chairs, they are made in a variety of styles to cater the growing needs of the many. It is up to you to pick which among these chairs works best for you and for your lifestyle.”

Woman reading a book at the living room of the house

The real reason you choose an upholstered chair: comfort. Yes, style matters—you need the chair to fit into your home decor—but you select one because it is comfortable. An upholstered chair is often the “easy chair” you use to relax.

Finding a chair that is comfortable involves considering your height, weight, the way you sit, and your center of gravity. To be comfortable, a chair should be perfectly fitted to your size and shape. Remember Goldilocks? There is a reason she chose Baby Bear’s chair. Each part of the chair should fit you perfectly…


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A Quick Guide To Common Lawn Diseases

Each and every lawn, whether new or established, is prone to many different lawn diseases. Most lawn disease begins with a fungus. Fungi are an oddity because they don’t set seeds; instead, they propagate by distributing spores in their surrounding area.”
Lawn disease can be a real inconvenience. They could do critical harm to your lawn in a very small amount of time. The main culprit for lawn disease is fungus. You can recognize fungus from the emergence of spots, circles, patches or the presence of various colors like brown or yellow or red in your lawn. It is necessary that you take care of lawn diseases without any delay. Below are a few common disease that you understand and how you can eliminate them or at least put them in check.

The first lawn disease we’d be checking out is the Dollar Spot. It really is frequently found in Kentucky Bluegrass, Bent Grass and Bermuda. It thrives in humid climates. As the name implied, it appears like a small dollar sign and is generally brown or straw colored. Dollar Spots come in your lawn rapidly throughout drought conditions plus lawns which has low level of nitrogen.

There are a variety of cure measures that should be implemented to prevent dollar spots. Ensure that you regularly water the lawn. Watering helps with retaining moisture in the soil, therefore staying away from the fungus growth. It is recommended water the lawn area at intermediate regular intervals rather than short time period. Furthermore watering should be done early in the morning. Such conditions are the best to avoid the growth of dollar spot infection in the area.

Cool-weather disease which hits an otherwise healthy lawn once the temperatures dip to the 50’s and 60’s F for long periods of time. It creates elongated yellow striping of the grass, eventually splitting blades in an unhealthy manner. The grass blades will build up rust bubbles. To remove this lawn disease mow your lawn each week and ruin all contaminated clippings. Be sure to feed, water and fertilize regularly.

Thicker grass cuts down on the buildup of weeds, particularly in combination with a “mow little and often” strategy which cuts the weeds back regularly which they hate and just tops off the grass – which the blades need and love. When you lawn aerate regularly, it can help enhance the health of your turf and will avoid diseases and pests including thatch harming your lawn.

Another lawn disease that is quite common is Red Thread. It is most commonly found in Fescue, Ryegrasses and Kentucky Bluegrass. It typically thrives in moist and cool weather. Red Thread is seen as a the pinkish-red thread that forms round the leaf blades binding them together. Grasses infected by Red Thread will turn brown soon. The red threads are most visible if the lawn grasses are wet.

By aerating more often as well as eliminating thatches in your lawn, it is possible to quite easily put Red Threads in order. If you prefer using fungicide, you can consider the use of Chlorothalonil.

As you can see, it is possible to cure or put lawn diseases under control by effectively looking after you lawn. Mowing too low, watering incorrectly under fertilizing and other unwanted lawn care techniques will bring about the growth of lawn disease. By just spending time and effort to learn and implement good lawn care techniques, you are going to always to a few steps ahead of the lawn diseases.

Why You Must Have Outdoor Patio Heaters

May it be a blue sky of cloudless clime or even an ebony star-filled night that fulfills your senses, you wish to stay outside as long as you possibly can when you have a patio heater.”


The patio heaters are available in different sizes, colors, styles, etc. The most prominent outdoor patio heater is the stand-alone heater. It is possible to get warmth in the 20 square feet area from the stand-alone heater. These heaters are generally operated with the aid of either gas or propane fuel. You should be mindful that you’ve not kept any flammable material within 3 feet Square area where the warmer is positioned. You should keep the patio heater on a flat place to be able to avoid any accident.

The stand-alone heaters normally have 44,000 BTU’s (British thermal unit) that can cover about 15 square feet. Regardless of what form of outdoor patio heater you choose, make sure that you make use of them safely. Be sure that there no combustible material anywhere close to the heater. For those who have children with you then you have to be very alert.

Outdoor heaters are only meant to be used outside, in no way try to turn one on indoors. The gas cylinders that offer fuel for gas outdoor heater should not be stored inside. If you would like use wood burning heaters, you will need to install a chimney to ensure that sparks coming out might be limited and harm to your house and outdoor furniture could be prevented.

A few of the gas outdoor heaters have an electric start so you do not have to concern yourself with a pilot light. Before you purchase a patio heating unit, see if it has an automatic shut-off just in case it topples over. You should always check the boxes to see what safety features are incorporated with the heater. Whenever you set up an outdoor patio heater, be sure that there is nothing obstructing the air holes or vents. These kinds of heaters require proper airflow to run correctly. You are able to periodically to make sure that the vents and air holes aren’t blocked. When there is debris in the vents or air holes, it’s going to decrease the performance of the heater.

And so should you be planning on buying one such heaters, keep these aspects in mind. It is possible to go shopping for patio heaters online or at local retailers. Be precise regarding your requirements and finding the right outdoor heater will never be difficult. Finally, only deal with authorized agents to service the heater as it may cause more damage and risks when you deal with an not authorized one. Always put your safety a priority!

How to Create A Focal Point with Mosaic Tiles

There are several features and benefits linked to the art form that happen to be mosaics however, there is none better than developing a unique and inspiring mosaic piece yourself.”
There are several kinds of tiles out there that you are able to use for either floor or wall tiles plus they may be placed in any room almost that you want. There are numerous, a variety of designs and layouts that you can have and you could make your rooms look amazing by using either just a few tiles or laying the whole rooms design out with them. Among the best designs in people’s houses and in building have been made by using mosaic tiles.

Tiles utilized in a mosaic design have been used in more than 4,000 years and are a staple mark of design for lots of diverse spaces around a house. Although these tile designs are generally utilized for outdoor areas like patios or gardens, they are also popular for flooring applications as well as bathrooms. Nevertheless, the most well-liked areas of a home to find mosaic work is in the kitchen. An additional advantage to these tiles is that they are very durable and oftentimes, really affordable too.

Numerous mosaic tiles are created out of glass and can be cut into various sizes and shapes which means that you are able to make a very varied design and pretty much unique to you. There are so many various colour schemes that can be used with mosaic tiles from simple yet effective looks to full blown crazy colour designs. It is possible to begin using these throughout your house or building in many different rooms.

One common material used in mosaic tile designs is ceramic. This kind of materials are significantly well-liked these days simply because it is probably the most cost effective option readily available.

Among the best selling attributes of ceramic tile is its versatility and durability. With numerous patterns and colours to select from, every room can have its own feel and look. This floor could endure a lots of traffic so it is ideal for families on the go.

Another group of mosaic craft for home use is the marble mosaics. This can be preferred by many home builders because of its various strata of colors and its particular solid surface area. It’s not hard to cut and shaped that’s why builders love them. They appear nice when creating mosaic pools, art pieces, and tables.

Marble is regarded as one of the most durable materials for homes since it is a stone that is found under the earth’s crust. The high temperature and pressure in the earth tends to make this material tough and durable. You can purchase marble mosaic tiles at highly economical price on the online tile stores or at other marble store in your town. A lot of homeowners would rather order online because they can help to save a large amount due to the discounts that websites offer. Together with enhancing your home marble flooring also improves the resale value of your house.