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How to Host a BIG Backyard Gathering

A really great way to bring friends and family together to enjoy the great outdoors is to host a backyard gathering. The planning phase is perhaps the most important part of designing the backyard and coming up with something that is going to be great for everyone that is visiting.



Today, while wandering the homestead in a t-shirt with a cup of coffee in hand, I discovered my rhubarb and ramps have sprouted up from the ground.

The kids dug out a Frisbee from the garden shed and dashed around the soggy yard, obviously invigorated by the warm winds. Spring has arrived! It’s time to start planning the many ways we will take advantage of the glorious warm weather.

If you’re anything like me, your mind turns to outdoor entertaining just as soon as the last hunk of ice melts into a puddle on the deck.

The upcoming months hold many opportunities for celebration from a Mother’s Day brunch to a wedding shower lunch, but today I want to talk about throwing a BIG backyard party. The sunup to sundown kind of event, where more people pass through your garden gate then you usually see in an entire month. The kind of party you only throw once in your life – unless you thrive on this sort of thing, of course.

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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Replacement Windows

As a house grows old, so do parts of the house. New windows can actually help you to improve the look and the overall energy efficiency of your old home. Here are some tips to get you started on the right track to a successful window replacement.

Don’t let the salespeople fool you: You don’t need an industry-expert to be savvy enough to buy replacement windows. Sure, there’s some technical lingo. There’s some measuring too, but you’ve got this. It’s truly much simpler than it seems.

Follow this simple guide and you’ll be seeing the world through shiny new windows in no time at all.

How to know if you need New Windows

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

If your windows are cracked or broken, you may be able to repair it instead of replacing it. For example, you may need weather-stripping to fix a draft or new hardware to fix a broken lock.

If you are unsure about whether you need a repair or replacement, you can attempt a repair. But if your windows are fogging, sticking or refusing to stay open, you’ll likely need a replacement.

If your windows are functioning properly and you simply want an upgrade that will cut energy costs, it’s time for new windows.

Now that you know when to replace your windows, there are a few things you should know about frames and glass.

Everything you need to know about Window Frames

When it comes to windows, you have five basic choices. They each have their own pros and cons and pricing can vary significantly.

Aluminum or metal – This old standby window frame is light and low-maintenance, but it tends to conduct intense heat, which can mess with the window’s insulating properties. If you choose a metal or aluminum window, look for ones with an insulating plastic strip between the interior and exterior of the window’s sash. This is called a thermal break, and it helps offset the heat from the metal.

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