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Benefits of Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are one of the items homeowners have ignored in the process of designing their bathrooms. Therefore, the bathroom has become a dump and undesired location to be. The heated rails try to transform the bathroom right into a nice, warm and relaxing spot to be in while taking a bath. Heated rails add aesthetic value to the residence. For that reason, lots of the rails are created to serve like a piece of decoration. If the rails are located in the right spot, they have a tendency to fit with the interior design. Additionally they boost the look of the home.



A heated towel rail is essentially a simple and practical device, ideally suitable for the modern bathroom. Just as conventional household radiators are designed to heat the home efficiently and effectively, a heated towel rail’s purpose is to provide comfort and homeliness within one room: the bathroom. Many times when we reach for a towel it unfolds like cardboard and feels as though sandpaper whenever we dry ourselves off. Fabric softeners can only do so much to make sure softness and drying in cold or cool conditions can cause towels to “dry hard”.

Heated rails also play a vital role of bringing in comfort. A warm bathroom generates a natural sense of comfort. What’s more, having a cold towel moments after having a hot shower helps to make the user uncomfortable due to the drastic changes in temperature. Running a heated rail is a lot more like owning a lamp. The rails are either run individually making use of powered electricity or connected straight to the heating system.

Condensation is a very common problem in a bathroom. It’s not only irritating as it causes problems seeing yourself in the mirror after bathing. Whenever water vapor cools against the painted surfaces of your bathroom, it seeps in to each and every crack and leeches into the wall. This can cause mold problems along with further cracking of the paint. Heated towel rails lessen this by heating the entire room consistently to ensure that there’s no cool surface to condense the water vapor from your bath.

The rails have been available in every sizes to cater for hand towels to large body towels. The homeowner can simply have the rails offering the specified sizes. Moreover, the heated rails have been built to keep the heat emitted from the bath tub or hot shower. The rails permit the home owners to enjoy a cozy warm and relaxed sensation. Meanwhile, the towel gains a smooth silky and soft feel.

With respect to the sizes of the bathrooms, the rails help to increase the general heat of the bathroom. This plays an important role of saving on the electricity power bill. A heated towel rail can also help by permitting light clothes to be hang for purpose of drying.

Accent Chairs – Accent Design For Your Home

Many people adore to redecorate rooms once in a while. Isn’t it incredible how at times just a few added touches can transform a room and give it a totally different look? To be able to provide a rich appearance to your house, people can use modern furniture and stylish chairs. Chairs create a great impact on rooms. Accent chairs like a special recognition in the market. These chairs can be used in houses, or they could be utilized near pools, lawns, etc. Based on the purpose people can decide these Accent chairs for several uses.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

They boost the beauty of your room and are regarded as great add-ons to your room furniture as it offers additional seating arrangement. They come in enticing shapes and stylish designs in various textures and colors that enhance the beauty of your interiors with soft touch of comfort and luxury. The accent chairs for living room can be purchased in wide array of designs just like simple straight back chair, armless accent chairs, accent chair with arms, rocking chairs and lounge chairs and so on.

Because these chairs could fit in with all kinds of room arrangements, it is possible to experiment it by keeping them in strong center point areas of your rooms. For decorating your home in style, place the accents chair near the window and enjoy sunny summer days or near the fireplace to take pleasure from a delightful hot cup of coffee in chilly evenings. It is possible to place them in any room as it easily complements well with the new room set up as along with with the existing furniture. They provide a comfortable seating for a private conversation or for book reading or just for relaxing.

These chairs aren’t only restricted for the living room decor. They are able to significantly complement the extra floor space in your bedrooms and library. You can put chairs with elevated back support in the library and pick a stylish lounge chair without or with arms for your bedroom and enjoy watching TV or simply relax on it. They add an elegant and much more advanced look to the house and perfectly harmonize with the aura of your room.

If you are only starting out, the Internet is a great place to start. Look at pictures of various types of chairs, and simply get a feel for what you like. Then note the styles of your favorites, and see where you’re leaning. Once you know a style that appears to suit you, like Retro-then search for Retro chairs, and you’ll have a whole universe of choices at your fingertips.

Ageing population and Singapore

Not something new. Which is why our goverment in Singapore keeps increasing the influx of “foreign talent” at the ire of the locals.

We have to admit that they have been over doing it a little as not only has the labour influx been used to combat the ageing population issue, it has also been used to spur the GDP growth in Singapore.

Still this is an issue many goverment in Asia has to deal with. Balancing work, life and family. Part of the reason for the falling birth rate has to do with the high standard of living causing the locals to focus more on their career in order to sustain their daily life which in turn affects their financial and time planning when it comes to their family planning. 

This creates a very vicious cycle that keeps going on creating a population deficit for the country.

So rather than just relying on the import of manpower from overseas perhaps the goverment should work on the base of the cause.

just by looking at

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you can see the steep climb in property price which affects the basic need of shelter for any human. Yet there is no easy solution right now as it also links to our wealth growth.

The International Monetary Fund called on Asian economies to learn from Japan's experience and act early to cope with rapidly ageing populations, warning that parts of the region risk “getting old before becoming rich.” Credits: IMF warns Asia to act early on rapidly-ageing population

Great Ideas In Choosing A Headboard For Your Bed

Picking the right headboard seems like a simple task but its on the pricey side so it deserves a little extra attention. A well designed, stylish headboard can change the whole look and feel of your bed and bedroom.

headboardDid you ever think about the impact headboards have on your bed? Wouldn’t you say that most beds would be dull and incomplete without it? There are numerous benefits of having a headboard, such as improving the overall look of your bedroom with nothing but their presence.

When choosing a headboard for your bed, think about your needs and preferences. Are you a romantic soul that would enjoy waking up in a bed with wrought iron headboards?

Are you a creative artist that would like to have a dominant headboard ‘climbing’ towards the ceiling? As simple as it sounds, your wishes and interests will determine how to choose a headboard for your bed.

The experience will be fun, but it is always better to be prepared for eventual challenges. That’s why we suggest you to check our guide to buying a headboard:

Take a good look at your bedroom

What does your bedroom need, or even better-what could it adopt without looking crowded? The first step is to calculate space and height, and the second is to consider architectural features that could be affected by your new headboard.

Obviously, the headboard has to be proportional to the room in general. For instance, spacious room with high and vaulted ceilings will look amazing with large anchors and massive wood headboards, while smaller spaces are much better with low-profile headboards seamlessly attached to the wall.

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Grow A Succulent Garden

Planting a succulent garden is a fun and easy activity. I will share with you some tips based from this article on how to start growing succulents in your own garden. The process is pretty simple for those who have done this before and have got some experience.

Step by step: How to grow succulents from cuttings

Remove the lower leaves

(C) OfferUp

(C) OfferUp

  • Chop the remaining rosette from the stem
  • Let all the parts dry out and create a callous where they’ve been removed
  • Place on top of soil until roots and baby plants start forming
  • Remove the original leaf and plant the new offspring, as well as the original rosette – tada!

Propagating succulents: it sounds like a euphemism for hormone replacement therapy or the code name for a guerrilla gardening raid. It reality it’s far more straightforward than either. In fact, it’s so easy you can’t fail. You hear that? CANNOT FAIL. Just follow these directions and you’ll be living in a thriving urban succulent jungle before you know it.

Step One

If you have a succulent that is starting to look leggy, now is the time to propagate. What’s a leggy succulent, you ask? Sadly, it’s not a plant that looks like Heidi Klum. It happens when a succulent isn’t getting enough light and starts to stretch out, with a woody stem and widely spaced leaves. Your first step is removing the lower leaves of the plant. Carefully, though! Grab and wiggle a leaf until it snaps off, making sure you get the whole leaf so it can grow roots of its own. Remember: A partial leaf will not a succulent make.

How To Thaw Frozen Pipes

When any pipes in your plumbing system freezes, it is put at risk for bursting. This means it’s going to freeze then break open. The water inside stretches when frozen, putting pressure on the pipe. As water freezes, it stretches slightly, and this can cause your pipes to burst. It fuses with air and gas inside, leading to further enlargement and ultimately the pipe can’t withstand the pressure and cracks open.

Having this challenge resolved by a professional plumber is obviously suggested, yet, if you’d like some pointers to thaw your frozen water pipes on the run, read the points given below.


1.In case your pipes have frozen and you also notice hints that a pipe has broken, do not try to thaw the pipe. Phone a plumber instantly. But when a number of your pipes are frozen and do not appear broken, you can attempt to unfreeze them yourself.

2. When everything freezes, gas and air get trapped in the pipes. Turning the faucets on permits the air and gas to escape when they defrost. It is really an easy, safe way to keep things from breaking up. It is a smart idea to keep the water running, therefore forcing the water to stay moving, as opposed to allowing it to stay in the pipe and freeze.

3. If you notice that the slow drip has ceased, you may need to increase the flow slightly. Remember that the faucets needs to be allowed to drip provided that temperatures are below the freezing mark. Furthermore, consider allowing all faucets to drip like the showerheads and bathtub faucets.

4. Each of the plumbing features positioned within your home’s walls have some kind of insulation around them. You can wrap them yourself with an old bath towel and duct tape. There are also special devices available at most home improvement stores which you can use to thaw frozen pipes. In using a heating pad, hair dryer or any other electrical devices make certain they don’t contact water.

5. There are far more other methods to thaw a pipe. A space heater placed near to a pipe may also be quite effective. If the frozen pipe is under a sink close to an outer wall of your house, for example, open the cabinet doors and place the heater near to the cabinet. A space heater can be utilized together with other techniques and can keep the worker warm during the procedure. Heat lamps also work well. When using a heat lamp, be sure to keep it a foot away from the pipe being thawed. Do not put it on a wet area, and ensure that water does not drip on the appliance.

Professional plumbers also assert the importance of using electric pipe heating tapes to thaw frozen water pipes. People also tend to use plumbing torches for this purpose, but in case of ABS and PVC pipes, they hardly work. If nothing proves to be useful, contact for frozen pipe repair from a leading plumber company.

Guide in Using Garment Steamers

A garment steamer is best alternative for all those people that hate ironing. Water in a steamer is heated and turned into steam. This steam is then passes through a nozzle that may be put on clothes to make them wrinkle free. Wrinkles are removed easily since the steam relaxes the fibers in the clothes. If you are using a steamer the very first time then it’s all set through instruction manual for doing things safely and accurately.



Exactly what you need initially realize prior to making a decision on which to choose, you need to learn about the different types that exist. You will find typically 3 different types of mobile garment steamer, the floor model, compact handheld model, and the third is the type that has a steam cleaner built-in.

The hand held model is very helpful for the ones that like to travel and are not confident that there will be ironing boards where they are going to. The portable models are cheaper with a smaller nozzle. They’re an easy task to move around from room to room and some are sufficiently small to take them with you when you travel.

Should you decide on a smaller one, the portable version, they are not that costly and they feature a nozzle that is generally smaller. This makes a good choice if you’d prefer mobility and when you’ll go traveling, you’ll be able to bring it with you. Granted their size, these are very easy to store. Alternatively, you must be aware they feature a tank that is smaller, and that means you won’t get the same amount of steam as in the bigger model.

Garment steamers function better on distilled water rather than tap water and give better effects with more quantity of water. More water will make more steam which will make your apparel appear fresher. It is also encouraged to empty the water tank if the steamer is not being used for an extended interval of time. Leave your garments to dry for a limited time after steaming. It is best to utilize a garment steamer when the item of clothing you intend to steam is hanging, though it’s also feasible to steam press curtains and bed-skirts.

It is recommended keep the garment steamer away from you face because steam is hot and also this prevents any mishap. It is advisable to not add perfumes, salt and dye to the steam cleaner water simply because this can damage the steamer.

A flat iron will always have its purposes but it’s now not the only solution open to us on the subject of getting the wrinkles out of our clothes. The emergence of the garment steamer has just provided us with an alternative that as you can see, has many benefits over that of its ironing cousin.

8 Awesome Basement Remodeling Ideas

As much as possible we want all the space in our house to be usable and functional.  So if you are planning to remodel your basement into a living space then this article will give you amazing design ideas in converting your basement.

(C) Houzz

(C) Houzz

Basements are often overlooked as possible rooms that can benefit from a finishing or remodeling. They are often dark and neglected areas used for storing old clothes or to hold an extra freezer.

However, with a small investment and some imagination, your basement remodel can offer an extra living space that will add joy and value to your home.

We have also included 8 additional awesome ideas, totaling 16 Awesome you can use for your basement remodeling project. They range from something as simple as adding a new fireplace to turning the entire basement into a garage.

1. Create the Beverage Center

Most homeowners assume that a luxury bar will get used like the classic “Cheers” bar of the 1980’s.  But in the past 5-10 years more people are adding smaller beverage centers.  This allows for a sink to wash glasses and an under counter fridge for beer, soda or water.  You can also add a small microwave for popping popcorn.

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Starting seeds indoors

I started planted herbal seeds just the other day. But instead of doing it outdoors, I decided to have it indoors since I like the idea of having herbs inside my kitchen.  It’s not really that difficult but there are some steps we need to consider compared when we plant it outside. Here’s what I learned from this article.



Starting garden plants from seeds indoors can be an enjoyable project for any gardener. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to grow a wide variety of plants. Many garden favorites are found in a greater variety of colors, sizes and growth habits as seeds, rather than as started plants.

When selecting vegetable varieties, check packets for the number of days until harvest to be sure your choices will ripen before frost. Many long-season vegetables must be started indoors in early spring. Similarly, many annual flowers need an indoor start if they are to bloom during the summer.

Buying seed

Seeds are available from many sources, ranging from your local building supply store to garden centers and mail order catalogs. Their prices can vary greatly. The newest hybrids command higher prices, as do seeds of rare or unusual plants, as well as certified organic seed.

Planting and care information is often more complete on name-brand seed packets. If name brand and “off brand” seed varieties are the same for a given flower or vegetable, there shouldn’t be any difference in the plants’ ultimate quality. The percentage of germination and seed purity is governed by law.

Many companies sell different sizes of seed packets, from mini-packs of as few as ten seeds to seeds by the pound. Although smaller quantities cost more per seed, don’t buy more seed than you will use in two or three years. Each seed contains a plant embryo that must stay alive until it can germinate. The fresher the seed, the greater the chances that all the seeds will still be viable. Fewer and fewer seeds from a packet will germinate as time passes.

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