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37 Ceiling Trim And Molding Ideas To Bring Vintage Chic

Choosing designs for molding can change the entire look of your interior design. I bookmarked this article since I saw lots of amazing designs that can be used for future remodeling of our home. You can also check this out especially to those who love vintage chic designs.

Making an accent or even a statement is possible in various ways: with wall décor, with cool floors, colorful furniture but the ceilings are often forgotten. A bold ceiling can totally change the space and create an ambience, highlight your room décor and inspire! Today I’d like to share a type of ceilings that really create an atmosphere in any space, and these are molding ceilings.

What Is Molding?

Molding, or moulding, is a strip of material with various profiles used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration. It is traditionally made from solid milled wood or plaster, but may be made from plastic or reformed wood. Molding has been used in ceiling décor for centuries, especially in classical refined interiors – the palaces of French Kings are a gorgeous example of such moldings. Today molding is used only for decorative purposes, and it matches almost any interior: a bathroom, a dining room, a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom.

Refined Vintage And Modern Molding

Molding makes any space look refined and chic, it makes a subtle accent that can match a lot of styles. If there’s some antique-styled molding remained, don’t remove it, it can easily fit a modern, vintage, retro, girlish or just refined interior. If it’s not of the same style, you’ll just create a contrast, I admire such spaces with vintage ceiling molding and modern furniture with a couple of colorful accents. There exist also modern types of molding, geometric ones or simple lines, they will help you to make an accent without looking too much or contrasting between modern and vintage.

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5 Gravel and Stone Types for a Rockin’ Landscape

I didn’t realized that gravels and stones are important for landscaping. And aside from that, choosing from lots of stones can be a bit overwhelming. They have different sizes, colors, shapes and functions. This article I’ve found will help you decide in choosing the best gravels that would suit your landscape.

I love rock in the garden, but I particularly love gravel and other small rocks. I work them into nearly every design I create for my clients, as well as in my own landscape. Why the love affair with gravel? It serves many purposes, from solving drainage issues to lending textural appeal; it crunches under your feet; and it comes in many different colors and forms. Check out my favorites and see which one will work for you in your landscape.

Decomposed Granite

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

The basics: Decomposed granite, or DG, is a granitic rock that has weathered to the point of breaking into very small pieces and silt-like particles. It comes in a reddish-tan color that will fade to a lighter tan over time. Decomposed granite is ideal for pathways and rustic patios, and can also be used as a topdressing around arid plants. It’s sold by the cubic yard.

Cost: DG is sold by the bag for around $3 if you simply need to add to or fill in a small area, or by the cubic yard for $35 to $50. One cubic yard (a 3-foot cube) will fill the back of a standard pickup truck.

Advantages: It’s relatively inexpensive and readily available.

Disadvantages: It can track inside on the bottom of your shoes, so if you have hardwood floors, you might want to take your shoes off after walking on a DG pathway. It’s also difficult to remove weeds when they get out of control.


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What Is A Vaporooter Treatment?

Vaporooter treatment is one way utilized in eliminating the roots thriving in pipes. These roots cause sewage obstruction. Vaporooter is a foam-based herbicide which enables to slow up the development of roots in the pipes in your plumbing system. It seeps the cell walls of the roots and bursts them. This will cause the roots to die and decay.

This treatment works and cuts down on cost that might have been utilized to remove the roots if they would have been left to develop. Roots that mature in the pipes destroy the plumbing systems and slow up the flow of waste water through the pipe.

Research supported that by intensive use has proved that Vaporooter is probably the most effectual method of ridding your sewer system out of roots. Plumbers could suggest using a water jet or an electric eel and using this may certainly clear some or all roots, which depend upon the skill and workmanship of the plumber. Vaporooter is definitely the solution.

How Does It Work?

Vaporooter has a foaming agent, contact herbicide and a growth inhibitor. The foaming agent helps in disbursing the product equally through the inner area of the pipe to ensure that all roots are reached.Vaporooter foam destroys the roots in the pipes and prevents regrowth. The root growth inhibitor attaches itself to organic materials inside a treated pipe and sterilizes soil that had roots before.



The treatment is a non- systematic herbicide. It means that it only impacts root material it comes into contact with. Utilizing it on your pipes is not going to harm your plants and trees near the sewer pipe. The foaming agent sticks to the inner part of the pipe including the roof. This makes sure that areas of the pipe which are prone to invasion like the top area are treated.

Before Vaporooter foam application, the plumber works with a high pressure water jet to clean the roots. This really is to make certain there’s a great surface contact for the Vaporooter agent to be effective. Then, the foam is pumped straight into the pipe. Over time, the roots die and start to decay. They then drop off and are washed away with the waste water.

Why Vaporooter Is Important:

1. It will probably cost you less instead of dealing a major plumbing problem.

2. The procedure can be carried out only two times in a year which means that your pipes will not require regular vaporooter applications hence saving you a lot more money.

3. The usage of Vaporooter treatment won’t damage pipes much like the mechanical treatment options very often result in damaging pipes. It is a safer alternative.

4. Additionally, it helps save time since the application needs a very short time. You don’t need to to wait for a long time for the plumbers in order to complete handling your sewer pipes.

How To Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a very costly purchase and many those who purchase these pricey items see that many of the vacuums that they buy do not last long and that is something that many people are replacing all the time. One of the biggest reasons that a vacuum might not last is the maintenance that numerous people fail to give their vacuum maintenance to keep it in good condition and to help it last for a long time. A bit of maintenance on your end can keep your vacuum working the way in which it should and may prevent you from making replacements that are expensive. Listed below are some tips for vacuum cleaner maintenance you should employ.

Clear the area you intend to clean



Always resist the urge to vacuum up metal objects or large things. Metal or large objects can harm the fan or motor assembly. Once again, do not vacuum over a wet mat or carpet. This can cause an electrical shock or a short circuit that can adversely damage the vacuum machine. The exterior of the vacuum needs to be wiped or cleaned by using a mild detergent. Any kind of spills needs to be effectively wiped to prevent the possibility of unpleasant odors. The attachments should be cleaned and stored properly to cut back the risk of losing vital accessories.

Empty the bag and clear the filter

Many of these machines include special bags that keep dirt that sucks from the area being cleaned. Over time, these bags get full and the cleaner cannot take any longer. If you can’t empty this bag, your equipment will begin to behave strangely and will not work. The truth is, it could do the opposite. The mechanism of this machine might blow back the dirt you’ve cleaned from the area. It’s important to keep in mind to look into the filters. You need to clean the filter regularly to be sure. You may also switch the filter if it gets obsolete.

Check the vacuum belt

The vacuum belt ought to be transformed at least four times annually; even if the belt isn’t broken. A worn out or loose belt can’t propel the brush-roll properly. Nonetheless, if the machine has a sprocketed belt, you simply need to replace the belt once per year. Sprocketed belts are made of durable material and therefore last longer than normal vacuum belts. Occasionally, a burning smell points too the vacuum belt ought to be replaced.

Bedroom Paint Ideas: What’s Your Color Personality?

Are you planning on painting your bedroom but still undecided what colors to paint? Then check the tips I just read in this article. There are pros and cons provided which will help you decide on which color suits your bedroom and personality.

Have you noticed how color can affect your mood? When considering bedroom paint ideas, the right bedroom paint color choice will make a huge difference in how you feel. Famous psychotherapist Carl Jung famously pioneered the concept of color psychology. He was interested in colors’ properties and meanings and believed that colorful art had the potential as a tool for psychotherapy.

Although there are rules on what colors are best for a bedroom, each person has their own preferences and tastes. You may be attracted to an unexpected color whose qualities you may need more of in your life. Forget the traditional rules, pick a color you love and paint your walls.

Bedroom Paint Ideas and Techniques

Painting your bedroom is an inexpensive way to elevate your bedroom’s style. To give your room maximum design effect, go beyond painting the wall a selected shade. There are many bedroom paint ideas and techniques to customize your room. Here are some options that can take your bedroom to the next level:



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7 Affordable Landscaping Ideas for Under $1,000

I’m planning on putting up a landscape on my backyard but on a tight budget. Then I came across at this article which helps me stick to my budget. Wow what a coincidence!



Landscaping doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. There are a lot of affordable projects that will make your garden look beautiful this spring. There are also many ways to make them last for years to come, so you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on maintenance costs. This year, take the initiative and make some affordable landscaping changes to your front and backyard to set yourself up for seasons to come.

#1 Choose perennial plants – $10 to $50 Perennials save you money because they come back every year, whereas annuals have to be replaced every year. Perennials can last for years and sometimes require less maintenance. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. You can invest in perennial flowers or shrubs, depending on what you need. Some perennials to choose from include:

  • Catmint
  • Saffron
  • Daisies
  • Sage
  • Poppy
  • Lavender
  • Agave

#2 Plant more native species – $10 to $100
To keep maintenance down, lean towards putting more native species in your landscape. Native plants have acclimated to the climate conditions, which means they need less care. This also means they don’t attract pests or problems that exotic species do. To learn what plants are native to your area, check with a local nursery or a lawn care professional you trust. They will know what to recommend. Landscaping professionals, in particular, can look at your soil conditions and how the sun hits your lawn to determine which plants will thrive best.


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Subtle yet strong message regarding the next Singapore Presidential Election.

Can't really deny it can they? Shots fired by Mr Tan Cheng Bock. Still waiting for the reply from the ruling party. 

This is something we all already know but yet nothing much was said as the candidate it affects most have not spoken up much since. Yet finally the can of worms is finally opened with a very tactful statement. Perhaps Trump can learn a little of “thinking before you speak” from Mr Tan Cheng Bock.

Not much said. Subtle yet strong message meant to bring across the message to the ruling party without offending them. I am loving this guy even more and if should he be able to run for president i am definately voting for him.


SINGAPORE – Former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock, who said he disagreed with the Attorney-General's Chambers' (AGC) advice on when to trigger a reserved presidential election, has called on the Government to apply for a court review on the… Credits: Tan Cheng Bock questions timing of reserved election for president