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Consumer more satisfied with F&b sector? got to be a joke


Having worked in the F&B industry in the past (and i am really proud of my time there), i do personally feel that the service standard have dropped. 

Just a few days back i was at the airport to send off and the experience was not the most pleasing during the check in. First, the face of the staff at the desk seems to be unhappy. Throughout the whole check out process, it felt like no one smiled at all. Secondly, i saw a lady asking the counter staff for information regarding the check in timing. The staff whom was busy doing her nail care did not even bother to look at the customer (seems like the nail care is way more important) nor did she seem to have the ability to speak. All she did was stand up point at a board with the timing and said “you can't see”.

With such service being displayed i am appalled. 

SINGAPORE – Consumers were more satisfied with the food and beverage (F&B) sector in the third quarter, with the ability of service staff to meet special requests, explain menu items, as well as the order-taking process cited as important in driving… Credits: Consumers more satisfied with F&B, tourism sectors

20 Unique Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

There are so many styles of unique coffee tables: Aquarium coffee tables, black leather coffee tables, mosaic coffee tables, bamboo coffee tables, oversized ottoman coffee tables, L shaped coffee tables, clock coffee tables, waterfall coffee tables, fire pit coffee tables, and many more. Check out some below;


Coffee tables are a very common part of most living room designs, but unfortunately, these tables don’t tend to be very unique. Most of the time, coffee tables are relatively plain wooden rectangles that the average person probably doesn’t even pay much attention to. The reality is that in many homes, coffee tables aren’t used as anything more than a sturdy foot rest. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. For those who are all about designing creative spaces from start to finish, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for coffee tables.

Instead of the traditional (and boring) designs, coffee tables can come in a wide variety of styles that can range anywhere from simple to complex. Since living room spaces are among the most frequently used, it’s important that every piece of furniture is the right fit. Whether you’re a fan of wood, metal, or glass there’s a coffee table out there for you. Coffee tables aren’t usually the focal point of the room, but some of these might just steal the show.

Here are 20 unique coffee tables for your living room.


rocking coffee table design

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coffee table shaped like a cassette

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wood and glass coffee table


Roofing Blunders to Avoid

Roofing is truly a serious matter. It is your roof in which safeguards your dwelling from the different factors. There are plenty of basic blunders people render with their roof maintenance and repair. Just a little trouble up there can rapidly become a serious frustration if not handled quickly, so the following are a few things to consider.

• Clogged Gutters

Mark it on your calendar – Before the first snow, take the best ladder and climb to the roofing to inspect the gutters. Clean them out thoroughly. If you don’t, a number of bit of debris somewhere will dam up the snow’s runoff. This means you will have lake of melted snow water at the edge of your roof pressing down on it, and that is a recipe for disaster. Choose a day in the late fall which is likely to be before the first snow and have it undertaken.

• Leaks

Normally an indication of a more huge problem, leaks certainly are a major concern. Moisture factors the decay of roofing materials and for that reason drastically reduces the quality and durability of your roof structure. Moreover, leaking may start just about anywhere – under flashing, all around fixtures, and even in shingles and other materials. Yellowing or stained roof is the typical manifestation of leaks. You can well recognize that the roof will give in the near future in the change of its color. When you already notice small drains from your roof, look to the origin of it so you have the capacity to put in a permanent solution.

• Doing DIY repairs

Roofing tasks are usually tough and risky. Not all people possess the skill or know how to get up there and accomplish all of their own repairs. Because it’s easy to get in too deep, know when it’s time to get in touch with the experts and simply just pay to have them do it. The very last thing you wish to do is make your concerns worse, or fall off the edge of the house and sustain an injury. It’s much easier to do than most people think!

• No Regular Inspection

You should get up on your roofing and take a look around every couple of months. Inspect shingling and check out damage. Essentially, if you see something that appears to be unusual, that is a sign that you might have a problem. Normally you will notice shingle damage and even replace the shingles yourself. If you’re not sure you’re up to the task, you can hire a professional to get it done for you. You will notice a part of the shingles which is worn, and that is a warning sign that it’s time for you to get them replaced.

Roofing isn’t an affordable investment. You would like to make the most out of your money in relation to this aspect of your house. Ensure that you check on your roof regularly and refrain from the mistakes mentioned above to ensure the integrity of your roof.

What You Should Know About Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating is all about green living. We know just how aware people are starting to be today to put in eco-friendly heating & cooling systems in their residences in order to save the environment. Read through 5 jaw dropping facts about this technology in this posting:

Geothermal heating systems already are available in the market. They are no more dream for the general public. Information from credible sources claim that there’s been an increase of 266% in the geothermal system installation in the US over the previous year. The fact is, roughly 50,000 geothermal systems get set up in America annually.

Little did you realize, the interior sections of the system present an projected lifetime of 25 years, while the exterior areas have a lifespan of 50 years. That is incredibly unbelievable because no furnace or Heating equipment can have 25 years of interior parts life.

Cost Effective
One of the most important and most evident advantages of geothermal is that you can attain considerable savings on your electricity bills and on your bills for cooling and heating your property. Geothermal is far more energy efficient- some estimates suggest around 400 times more energy efficient- than other cooling and heating systems. Though the initial setup cost could be a lot higher, it could compensate to the savings you’ll receive from energy bills.

Geothermal unit will not only give air cooling and help with heating your home, but it will also preheat your water or assist to warm it up just before it reaches the hot water tank. The unit takes the heat from the earth and pumps to your home during the cooler months and returns it to the earth during the warmer months.

Chemical Free
This is definitely a major benefit from geo-thermal cooling systems from the environment perspective. These systems don’t use fuels or chemicals which may damage environmental surroundings in any manner. Furthermore they do not emit any kind of carbon emissions.

These remarkably effective and reliable systems are best developed and installed by professionals. It’s not at all advised to make this a Do-it-yourself task. These systems must satisfy specific prerequisites, has to be designed and installed correctly to ensure that your geothermal heat pump system operates as intended.

Why You Need Boiler Services?


Having a boiler or central heating system maintained on a yearly basis is sure to assist limit potential boiler malfunction. Also, in the event that a boiler is starting to get quite outdated, it can definitely benefit to have it replaced with one of the newest condensing A-rated boilers for a lot of years of trouble-free service. Here are several reasons to make certain a boiler receives its annual service:

i. A boiler inspection is necessary for safety
Due to the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is extremely beneficial to make certain a gas appliance is correctly ventilated, maintained, and put in. A regular inspection of the boiler is certain to help recognize any kind of signs of CO leaks, which has the possibility to result serious conditions like brain damage or even death. An inefficiently working boiler may leak colorless and order less carbon monoxide which is almost impossible to detect. This dangerous gas can pose serious health risks to you and your household. Because of the way that carbon monoxide impacts the body, smaller people will give in to its effects quicker – making children and the elderly especially vulnerable. Whenever wanting to increase the capacity to detect the damaging signs and symptoms of a leak you can be certain to profit to buy one of the numerous CO alarms for sale in the marketplace.

ii. Keep from bigger repair bills
A competent boiler engineer can easily find any kind of minor faults in the heating system in the process of carrying out an annual inspection. Through detector these faults at an early stage it’s possible to have the small faults fixed before getting into a position of being full-blown. This helps save a considerable amount of money by not having to be worried with the more extensive repairs necessary with a broken down boiler.

iii. Helps with reducing future energy bills
A recently serviced boiler that’s maintained and cleaned to perform at full efficiently is certain to operate more cost-effectively and thus aids in saving you money in the long-term. In addition, a completely operational central heating system can be able to assist with cutting the household carbon emissions.

iv. Remain within the law
When it comes to getting the boiler serviced it will be essential to use the services of the qualified engineers that hold the right gas safety certificate. A private homeowner is not required by law to have a boiler inspected, but there is a necessity for a landlord to have boilers checked out on an annual basis.

To make certain your insurance is valid- just like any product, boilers usually contain a manufacturer’s warranty. Nevertheless, what lots of people don’t understand is that the warranty is often subject to the condition that you regularly service your boiler. Thus if you wouldn’t like to be caught out paying for expensive repairs you thought the insurance would cover, plan a boiler service.

Most Popular Interior Paint Colors

Color can make your whole house seem thoughtful, well-planned and organized. Here are popular interior color to help you find the right palette. 


When it comes to determining the most popular interior paint colors, look to industry professionals for the best-selling hues and the most commonly requested colors for walls. Interior designers influence the rooms in magazines, on TV and online publications where homeowners turn to for color inspiration. The most popular colors are those with flexibility, being able to transcend different decorating styles while maintaining a pleasing appearance under changing light conditions.


White Is Timelessly Elegant

As the reigning champion of interior paint, white is a color that transcends both time and decorating styles. White can make a room feel bright, fresh and up-to-date in settings ranging from modern to traditional. Its understated elegance provides a blank canvas for decorating, allowing brightly colored accents to take center stage.

Warm White

Benjamin Moore White Dove

White Dove

Painting expert John Van Groningen shared the top five colors used by his Chicago-based company, Jondec Painting, in an Angie’s List article. At the top of Van Groningen’s popular colors list is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

This warm white with a slight hint of gray was also given an honorable mention by designer and blog author Luciana of Home Bunch and made the top 20 list of favorite white paint colors over at Laurel Bern Interiors. Also appearing on Benjamin Moore’s own best-selling white paint colors list, White Dove is the go-to shade for interior walls or trim.


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If you gardened before, chances are you have some seeds laying around that you never planted. You might wonder if they’re worth planting this year, or if you should just buy new seeds.


Here are some good tips for germinating seeds that are hard to start or are having trouble germinating. Have some patience though as it could take anywhere from three days to three weeks for a seed to germinate. Some of these tricks I would only use if the seed has not sprouted after two to three weeks or if you have a few seeds in reserve from a batch that haven’t germinated.

Seeds are comprised of an outer hard layer and an embryo which is inside the hard shell. The reason that older seeds don’t germinatem well is that the shell has become to hard and water is unable to penetrate, this process of imbibition is the start of the germination process. The seed will swell with water and eventually the shell will pop open and a small tap root will erupt.

One thing i wouldn’t do is to germinate your seeds on a paper towel. White paper is filled with bleach and other chemicals and is not a good thing for your plants. Use small jiffy starter blocks or a light soil:

1. Dilute 10ml (roughly one tsp) of Fulvic acid per litre (33 oz) of water. 

2. Scuff the outer shell of the seed with some sand paper. Roll up a small cigar or sand paper or line a match box and gently shake the seeds over it. This will create micro abrasions letting in more water.



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Plumbing Issues Commonly Encountered

Plumbing is a very essential aspect of any commercial and residential building. It might be likened to the body’s circulatory system, which implies its malfunction is equivalent to death. This is not that surprising, since plumbing makes sure that life-sustaining fluids are transported to collecting depots, and wastes are taken out into the sewerage. If these two features don’t seem to be well-established, or if you’ll find any obstructions to their realization, there is certainly bound to be chaos. There are occasions when you are able to solve system issues by yourself, using house tools, like wrenches and plungers. But if you believe you’ve got big pipe problems brewing, you must call in plumbing contractors to diagnose and carry out the correct solutions.

Here are some of the common plumbing complications one can experience in the home and office setting.

Image result

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i. Toilet: Paper towels, diapers, feminine hygiene produces, baby wipes and foods are not intended to journey through sewage pipes. In numerous situations when kids are around, they often experiment by flushing toys and smaller home items down the toilet. However clogs or any toilet issues are not merely due to things inside but this can also be a sign of broken parts. Plumbers utilize a few standardized tools so that you can facilitate removal clogging, readjust pressure or replace parts. Meaning if you have already taken out the clog-causer and the toilet is still not operating right then it can be much more serious issue.

ii. Shower: This could either be leaks, heat fluctuation or congested showerheads. For shower leaks, one of the most likely intervention is to replace the damaged part of the shower head. For temperature regulation troubles, the technician should investigate first, because this could be brought on by water heater tank sediment built up, destroyed gas water heater pilot light, rust water pipes, or dysfunctional water heater regulators. A clogged showerhead is something you may repair by yourself, since it is most likely the outcome of mineral deposits. However if you simply are dealing with a complex unit, brushing sediments out might not be a possibility.

iii. Sinks and drains: Know the origin of the clog. You can get the source by running water in other sinks in the house. If all drains are clogged, or you are unable to unblock the trap yourself, call for plumbing service. Avoid using liquid plumber or similar products. One of the most common solutions people have for fixing a plumbing problem is to pour drain cleaner down the drain however are not only environmentally insensitive, but they are full of caustic toxins that can corrode your pipes and cause permanent damage to your drains.

iv. Water Heater: If you have a heating device for water with a tank, chances are high that the increasing pressure may lead to an explosion. A tank less water heater with a faulty heater plumbing can lead to an extremely slow trickle of water in the outflow. So do not disregard small issues experienced relating to your water heater.

Tips in Growing Indoor Orchids

Orchids are perfect flowers and enjoyed by many people from around the globe. They have a certain charm which is not usually seen from other flowers. Despite the fact that orchids do not have interesting scents like roses, lilies or lavenders, they flourish in a wide array of colors that attracts anybody who sees them.

If you’re taking into consideration growing orchids in the homes utilizing artificial light, there are particular things which you must do to guarantee your success in growing healthy and exquisite orchids. The process you’ll face is worthwhile once you see your beautiful home-grown orchids in full bloom. Here are several tips which can be done to raise healthy orchids in your house.

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• Cautiously select the type of orchids to plant and grow. There are lots of places to find the orchids. However, it is advisable that you ought to shop for the orchids at a good nursery. This is because at the nursery you’ll be provided with ample information regarding the different types of orchids available. Choose the plants with bright green, beautiful looking leaves, because they indicate healthy orchid plants.

• When you grow orchids, devote some time read on the right means of lighting, watering, fertilizations, and proper potting.

• Acquire help in raising your orchids. These are very sensitive plants that require a lot of care. Being familiar with every facet of the plant will allow you to in making them grow fully bloom. You may enlist the help of a friend who’s got prior experience of orchid planting. You may also ask a local nursery or garden center since they can help you on this, and also at the same time they can teach you about the key growing steps that you have to know.

• Providing humidity for your orchids is yet another think to keep in mind when caring for orchids indoors. This can be accomplished by placing a humidifier in the area or putting the pots on a wide container with moist gravel. Just make sure the pots are not left standing in water, as it can cause fungus, diseases and root rot.

• An orchid doesn’t need watering daily, once every five days might be sufficient, and they could survive for up to 2 weeks without water. Different orchids will however have unique necessities, so ensure you know as much as possible regarding your plant.

Pool Table Buying Guide

Buying billiards and pool tables requires you spend a good amount of resources to make sure you get exactly what you need and to make sure you get good value for what you spend.


Pool Table Buying Guide

A pool table provides an outlet for simple entertainment and a competitive nature. While professional pool players take their game as seriously as any other athlete, casual pool players will find great enjoyment and challenge from the game.

The term “pool” is used interchangeably with the term “billiards”. Both “pool table” and “billiards table” describe the game’s playing surface. For the purpose of this guide, “pool” will be the term most frequently used.

The name of the game originated in the 19th century betting parlors called “pool rooms.” Billiards tables were installed in these rooms so patrons had something to do between horse races. Over time, the game of billiards also became known as “pool”.

All sorts of pool tables can be found on eBay. When shopping for a pool table there are a lot of factors to consider. In addition to knowing the different types of tables available, shoppers should also know the important features to look for in a table and the kinds of pool table accessoriesnecessary to play the game.

Parts of a Pool Table

Pool tables have the look of large pieces of furniture and they can work well in any large space in the home as a result. Since pool is a game of precision, the pool table playing surface and frame are critical to one’s success when playing. The surface and frame must support a level of significant accuracy.

Pool Table Base

The pool table base is the cabinet upon which the pool table’s playing surface rests. The main pieces of the playing surface are the slate, apron, and rail assemblies. The base is important because the more substantial the base, the more stable the slate surface. In the game of pool, any movement or vibration of the playing surface affects the quality of play.

Pool Table Bed

The bed is the flat surface upon which the game is played. The bed is typically made of slate. Here are important characteristics of a high-quality slate surface:

  • Thickness: a minimum of one inch
  • Weight: the heavier the better for stability
  • Flatness: required for accuracy
  • Wicking properties: the more porous the surface, the greater the impact of humidity on play


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