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20 Epic Ways to DIY Hanging and Swing Chairs

It would not be surprising to learn that each person would certainly like to go back to his childhood and experience all over again the days of innocence when every single thing was a wonderful discovery. We can all have this feeling again with Hanging and Swing Chairs.


Sometimes, we would want to swing in order to relax. The swinging motion makes us feel free and calm just like how a baby falls asleep on a cradle or on a swinging hammock. Because of the sweet sensation we feel from swinging, even chairs are hanged on the air. It does make us feel good when we read a book or just relax on a hanging chair.

But hanging chairs are a bit expensive especially those with beautiful designs. What if you just make something on your own? Yes, that is actually possible. What is good in just making it is that you can’t just save money but you can decide on the design that you really love. So, if you don’t know how to make a hanging and swing chair, here are 20 epic ideas for you!

diy swing chairs

1. Hammock Chair DIY

swing Chairs DIY

A Beautiful Mess

This hanging chair from Beautiful Mess is genius! I also like that the print of the fabric are different on both sides.


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