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10 Useful Tips To Make New Friends

Friendship is one of the most important aspects of life. Our friends share their strength with us, celebrate our triumphs and help guide us down the path of life. Yet we don’t always take the time build new relationships.

New friends

Making new friends can be intimidating, but it’s definitely rewarding. After all, friends form a big part of our life. They are the ones who walk through life together, share our ups and downs and joys and pains. Without friends, life wouldn’t be the same at all. We wouldn’t be who we are if not for them.

If you are looking to make new friends, you have to get clear on what kind of friends you want to make. Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of friends.

  1. “Hi-Bye” friends (or acquaintances). These are the ones you see in school/work because the context called for it. You say hi when you see each other and you say bye at the end of the day, but that’s about it. The relationship never lasts when the context is removed i.e. when you graduate from school or leave the workplace.
  2. Regular friends. Social, activity buddies you meet up every now and then to catch-up or hang out with. You can generally talk about regular topics under the sun.
  3. True, soul friends (or best friends). The friends you can talk about anything and everything with. You may or may not meet up every day, but it doesn’t matter, because the strength of your friendship is not determined by how frequently you meet up – it’s more than that. These are the friends who can be trusted to be there for you whenever you need them, and they will go the extra mile for you.


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Plant Pruning in your Garden

Pruning is considered as the basic maintenance formula for plants. These natural resources require constant maintenance for structural strength and outward look. However, the procedure must be carried out by people who have an understanding of plants as well as the correct way of taking care of them. Just what are the factors why you need to prune your plants?

1.) There’s always that scenario that the plants will not grow as how we want them to be. They could have disease or damages that not just affect the health but in addition their appearance. Just one example is the trees. One load bearing dead branch might cause the whole tree to come down if the branch just isn’t removed. Pruning peculiar branches helps the tree look nice in your yard or neighborhood.

2. To control the size of a plant. Through taking off old and dead limbs, you let the plant to focus more on growing its size and developing new limbs than trying to restore them. You also want to ensure you are guiding the plant to grow in the right way. This means away from buildings and other structures.

3) To prevent injury or damage to property. Remove dead or hazardously low limbs to make underlying areas more secure. Corrective pruning furthermore reduces wind resistance in trees. Prune shrubs with thorny branches back from walkways and other well-traveled areas. Have trained or certified arborists manage any pruning work in the crowns of big trees.

4) To train young plants. Train primary scaffold branches (the ones that form the structure of the canopy) to make stronger and much more vigorous trees. You may find it much easier to shape branches with hand pruners when a plant is young than to prune larger branches later. Pruning usually starts with young plants for bonsai, topiary, espalier, or other forms of special plant training.

5. More flowers or fruits. Fruit trees and flowering plants are sure to provide a higher yield of fruit and blossoms after getting the standard pruning. By taking out the spent flowers through the season, the blooming time is prolonged and a more generous crop of flowers or fruits are noticed when it comes round to reap time.

6. Rejuvenate growth. Any overgrown or neglected shrubs could be converted into a multi trunk tree by removing the lower portion limbs. This is often a basic way of digging up the entire plant and switching with a fresh new one.

In case you have experience in pruning plants, then make sure you regularly check and prune your trees. Yet, if you haven’t performed this style of work before, it is advisable to hire a professional that may help you prune your trees.

5 Things to Do (And Not Do) to Support Someone with Depression

The more we can learn about depression, the better equipped we are to handle it and the affect it can have on people. Before you utter a word, always remember to just show love and affection to those who are struggling with depression.

Sad person, glancing out a window

Depression is a drag. Everyone who has it experiences it differently, but we all agree that it sucks.

Sometimes, however, I wonder if people who don’t have it understand – like really truly understand – just how overwhelmingly painful it is.

For example, while it seems that people most commonly use the term to express fleeting feelings of sadness or disappointment, depression is actually a chronic physical illness with symptoms that are mostly invisible.

And although we’ve come a long way in our ability to treat it, we still don’t really know what causes it or why treatments work and don’t work.

It’s an exasperating disease to live with because being sad or frustrated or sleepless or numb for long, repetitive periods of time is exhausting – especially when you can’t prove to anyone that you’re really sick.

Even if your depression is manageable enough for you to leave the house, it can affect everything in your life.

It can interfere with your productivity, or even just the way you seem to your superiors at work – which has consequences for your performance reviews and ultimately the stability of your employment.

It can make your loved ones and friends want to be around you less because many people dislike the kind of negativity depressed people can become steeped in.

In its worst form, depression can lead to death. It’s a serious and draining disease to live with.

In a broad sense, fortunately, having depression doesn’t make you quite the social pariah it used to.

Diana Morales, vice president of public education at Mental Health America, started a survey in 1996 and found that “only about 38% of people viewed depression as a real health problem. But when they finished the survey in 2006, 72% of people viewed depression as a real health problem.

We’ve made good progress in de-stigmatizing having depression, but we haven’t made great strides in de-stigmatizing actually acting like you have depression – which most of us can’t help but do.

A simple Google search for “people with depression are selfish,” for example, yielded 1.3 million results.

Just like you can’t stop a headache with the power of your mind, most of us with depression are stuck with our symptoms, even if we are managing our depression with medication or other techniques.

While it’s wonderful that we’ve begun to fight the misinformation and prejudice surrounding depression, we’ve got a ways to go when it comes to compassionately and lovingly treatingpeople with depression like they have a serious disease.

“Awareness” is great, but at the end of the day what I need is to be surrounded by people who actually understand my illness and know how to support me.

So here’s a guide to how to support a loved one with depression.

1. Dont Ever Say ‘Youre Too Much’

When someone with depression is told “you’re too much,” especially from someone close to them, it can send them spiraling into guilt and anxiety and crushing sadness.

People with depression often have distorted ideas about how loved and supported they are, so hearing “I can’t deal with you” or variations on that theme from someone they love and trust can mean they generalize that sentiment to everyone close to them.



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5 Tips for Being a Patient Parent

Going through child rearing duties and responsibilities right from childbirth and training them through each development stage could be so hectic that most parent lose their patience and perseverance which are very necessary. Parenting could be a hard task but it is the most fulfilling feeling ever.


You are a rubbish parent!

The screaming; oh, the screaming! When will it end? And why is that middle-aged woman looking at me as if I’m Satan’s morally inferior poor relation?

You see, before you ever become a parent, you are oh so very judgemental of those who really are parents. Like someone who has yet to pass their driving test assuming they wouldn’t make the same mistakes as ‘those silly NASA astronauts’. It’s so easy to judge when you’ve yet to tread the parental path.

“Tut tut! What an awful parent for losing their temper! If only they had brought little Johnny up properly, he wouldn’t now be screaming like that!”

Well, anyone who has had a child will know it doesn’t quite work like that. Children do exasperate you. The problem is, they have minds of their own! And sometimes, no matter how understanding, reasonable, and morally didactic you are, they still behave like Fagin’s urchins from Oliver Twist (even after you’ve read the latest childrearing bestseller). It really isn’t always the parents’ fault. No, really!

The fact that children are not entirely controllable through ‘right parenting’ can come as a seismic shock to the new idealistic parent. They soon learn, don’t they?

Yes, they really can drive you nuts

Imagine being around an adult 24/7 with whom you couldn’t reason, who screamed when they didn’t get their own way but were unable to tell you exactly what they wanted, who purposefully tried to make themselves heavier when you lifted them up… Okay, that would be a weird adult relationship, but you get my drift.

Don’t get me wrong; child abuse is never justified! And certainly parental boundaries, tough but fair parameters, do tend to make children happier, more secure, and better behaved. And affection and love are vitally important.

And of course children can be delightful, cute, funny, inspiring, and infinitely lovable…which makes it all the worse when they sometimes drive you to distraction.

So from one who has been there; who has counselled hundreds of guilt-ridden, ‘at the end of their tether’ parents; and who has had to learn to be more patient, here are some tips to help you help yourself help your child by being more patient:

1) Give yourself a break

If you are with your child all the time, then you never get to ‘refuel’ and of course you’ll run out of patience eventually. And when we become very angry, we are not best placed to make rational decisions. Why? Because any strong emotion will block clear, rational thinking (1).

After you become very angry, it takes your mind and body around 30 minutes to fully calm down. So even if you feel calm …


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Drain plumbing advice

As a home owner, encountering a choke or two should be something common in your home. While we can do our utmost to prevent it from happening, we should always be prepared for the worst. A drain choke can leave us in a messy and unpleasant situation.

The best way to deal with a choke is to ensure that you have the proper equipment to declog your drain even before it happens. This is because a drain choke can come anytime when you are not expecting it. In most cases, you can have a rough guess on what is causing the choke base on the location of the choke.

  1. if it is below your sink: causes would usually be due to oil and food residues. to solve this, you need to know if the choke is in the bottle trap or further down the drain. Bottle trap chokes are easy to solve. Most of them are easy to unscrew and clean up or replace. However, if the choke is further down the pipe, you will probably need to use chemical such as those easily found on ntuc (chemical cleaner) before using a plunger. The use of chemical is usually safe but there has been cases where the chemical actually cause a fire/explosion before. As such it is best to engage a Singapore plumber in such cases.
  2. if the choke is in your toilet bowl/drain: this is usually cause by debris as such the best way to solve this is to either push it down or pull it up. In most cases, pushing down is a better option. To do this you will need to use a plumber snake which can be purchase at the hardware store.

While there is no right or wrong in your approach to cleaning a choke, do always be prepared for a possible mess of done wrongly especially if you are using a plunger. Most drain cleaning equipment can be found at NTUC or your neighbourhood hardware store. As such DIY is a easy and cheap way out if you can endure the stench and dirt.

Why Cedar Fencing is the Best Fitting Fence


Once you decide to build a fence, there are a number of other decisions to be made. The height and type of your fence will depend on whether you would like it to create privacy or merely outline an area of your home. Its length will be decided by the size of the area you would like to enclose. Local zoning rules will allow you to figure out where to place it on your property. The biggest decision, however, is exactly what material to make use of.

Though there are a great deal of selections for fence, Cedar, known for its aroma, appearance and strength, is one of the most widely used woods for fencing and other uses. Custom cedar fence may be built to meet what the customer wants also. Fencing in a yard or property involves finding the right material for the project. Take a look at some of the benefits of installing a cedar fence. This natural wood could be surprisingly resilient, withstanding abuse from weather and insects for many years.

A cedar fence has a classic look that harmonizes with any kind of form of architecture. All metal chain links look exactly the same. There is nothing worse than driving past an attractive home and seeing one. A wood fence having a rich, reddish-blonde tint is unique. It can be used to create a picket, stockade, vertical board, board and batten, or any style to suit your architecture. Every single style looks good in cedar.

Decks look good in cedar, additionally; you’ll be able to build your fence with cedar to coordinate with your deck. Any kind of outdoor structures could be coordinated with this attractive wood. Envision your backyard with a terraced deck, storage shed, and four-foot picket, all in a wood that will fit the look of your house. Your premises value will be increased if you complete all of these projects in the same material.

After installing a cedar fence, you can rest assured the structure will continue to be strong and eye-catching for years. This material withstands damage that may happen from wind and moisture, because it won’t rot or decay. This particular wood will not warp or shrink over time. When the time comes to replace this barrier, you can even enjoy its environmental friendliness, as it is totally biodegradable.

Another timesaving part of using cedar is it doesn’t require stain or paint. The natural oils in the wood protect it without any additional sealing or coatings. As soon as you place your stockade up, it’s going to be very low maintenance. While your neighbor starts every spring painting his pine pickets, you won’t be joining him – unless you want to offer him a hand.

14 High-Tech Farms Where Veggies Grow Indoors

Indoor gardening provides consumers with an opportunity to cultivate their own flowers, herbs and vegetables throughout the year. People who live in apartments or colder climates, most times indoor gardening will be the only practical option.


In the 21st century, a significant change is underway in the food industry: farming is moving indoors. The perfect crop field could be inside a windowless building with controlled light, temperature, humidity, air quality and nutrition. It could be in the basement of a Tokyo high-rise, in an old warehouse in Illinois, or even in space. Just look at our collection of awesome indoor farms, where the sun never shines, the rainfall is irrelevant, and the climate is always perfect.

Basil, arugula and microgreens.

A worker checks crops at the FarmedHere indoor vertical farm, in Bedford Park, Illinois, on February 20, 2013. The farm, in an old warehouse, has crops that include basil, arugula and microgreens, sold at grocery stores in Chicago and its suburbs.

Photo: Heather Aitken/AP

Your endive grows in total darkness.

Red endives at the California Vegetable Specialties indoor farm in Rio Vista, California (April 20, 2006). The growing process is long and fragile, with the endives’ roots grown outside first and then moved in, where they are left for up to 11 months to grow into mature endives in total darkness.

Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP

Under fluorescent lights.

Toshihiro Sakuma checks the condition of plants under fluorescent lights at a greenhouse built inside a Tokyo building on July 1, 2005.

Photo: Shizuo Kambayashi/AP



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Reasons to Love Rattan Furniture

Nowadays, you will come across so many pieces of rattan furniture from different parts of the world where manufacturers and retailers point out that they have the best variety. As the price of wooden furniture is climbing up right now, rattan furniture is creating a great alternative for homes, office spaces and hospitality industry. In this article, I have listed five good reasons the reasons you would love using Rattan Furniture.


Years of Popularity: Rattan happens to be a common option for home décor and now is attaining huge reputation in furniture industry too for the reason that rattan is fairly inexpensive, lightweight, and very durable and possesses an exotic beauty. It really is flexible enough for both inside and outside use – so here comes the reason behind its huge success in patio furniture industry.

Strength: Rattan furniture serves both function and form. Rattan chairs, rattan tables, rattan beds not only appear elegant yet these kinds of are affordable and long-lasting also. Rattan is regarded as one of many strongest woods in nature that has a solid core and grows wildly and abundantly in South-East Asian places like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Beauty and Various Forms: Natural rattan is full of the beauty of nature. Rattan furniture demonstrates our concept of “the beautiful life”. With refreshing rattan, your property is going to be full of natural appeal. From the time it was initially woven into the kind of furniture; rattan has long been the first choice of people who wish nobility and elegance. The material might be shaped and bent into whatever forms without having to break or splitting. That’s why, it is no wonder that rattan wicker furniture is available in a wide range of shapes and designs.

Long-Lasting & Low maintenance: Here I am referencing a couple of points together because they go side-by-side. Since rattan is a natural material, furniture created from it stands for a long period when preserved correctly. As opposed to furniture made from wood, rattan furniture is easy to maintain as it does not require just about any periodic moisturisation with oil and it keeps its shape, color and strength for a number of years. Simply no special chemicals and materials are needed to clean rattan – just wiping it with a damp cloth is you need to do. In contrast to metal lawn chairs and tables, rattan supports well to all kind of weather conditions when kept under a patio.

A room which has large rattan furniture delivers the impression of comfort and style with simplicity in design and modesty on price. Silk draperies, linen throws, along with a host of other added accents aid to finish the display of Eastern art and resourcefulness. Look the newest catalogues from website sales firms and furniture shops that offer a wide array in rattan products at competitive pricing. Be mindful that your rattan furniture purchase doesn’t clash with the other items in a given area, or indeed, the rest of the house. Everything must synchronize not only in size, style, and color, but in décor, theme, and taste.