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If you’ve ever tried installing a decal on your own you know it’s pretty much one shot and you’re done. There’s little to no hope of getting it to come off correctly and if it does chances are it won’t lay flat or stick as well.




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Advantages of having bamboo towers

Many people love the feel of a big, soft, cozy cotton bath towel every time we step out of the shower. One of the best quality towels to buy is made of bamboo fibers. Bamboo fabric is very soft and kind to all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. Amazingly, bamboo may be softer and smoother than the softest cotton-made material. Many use the terms cashmere and silk when describing these high end materials.

In contrast to cotton crop bamboo is one of the world’s most prolific and fastest growing plants, it provides an earth-friendly aid, grows pesticide-free and gets to harvest maturity without any chemical additives within a few years. These reasons make it an eco-friendly, production effective and economical fiber. When compared to the cotton made towel, there are several advantages to have a towel made out of bamboo.

• Bio Degradable
The biodegradable quality of bamboo towels makes it a significantly favored option. It breaks down easily with over contact with sunlight. In contrast to plastics, it breaks down naturally and doesn’t harm the Earth too. What originated from nature finds its way back to the mother earth!


• Natural Defense
The outstanding anti-microbial properties of bamboo make it a natural, hygienic choice for bathroom environments. It features a natural subtle sheen of its own and its quality seems like cashmere. It really is hygienic and protective having natural UV properties, odor resistant and anti-static properties making it exceed cotton towels.

• Care and Maintenance
The general maintenance and care instructions for bamboo bathroom towels are somewhat then those for cotton towels. Bamboo towels may be machined washed, yet, you’ll want to wash then on a light cycle. In addition, you is not going to want to use bleaches or fabric softeners on your bamboo towels. If you see that there are loose threads on your bamboo bath towels don’t fret, simply snip off the loose thread.

• Skin care
Skin reaction and allergic conditions of the skins are a very common problem for every person. Nearly every person tries to adopt certain preventive measures to prevent these skin disorders from developing. Research has shown that bamboo is that they are naturally hypo-allergenic and very friendly not just for the surroundings but in addition for the skin too.

Bamboo towels cost ranging from $20 and $50. The cost could increase should you by in sets just like a 3 piece towel set will cost over a single towel. Online purchases might be little less expensive.


Lawn care experts recommend that you aerate your lawn at least once a year. However, if your lawn received heavy foot traffic regularly or if the turf lies on heavy clay or sub-soils, aeration may be done more than once annually.


In order to achieve and maintain a beautiful lawn, you should employ basic lawn care practices such as properly mowing, fertilizing and watering. It is also important to ensure that nutrients can reach the soil beneath your grass. Aeration can be an extremely vital element to a healthy lawn because it allows air and water to penetrate built-up grass or lawn thatch.

Get rid of thatch and make way for a beautiful lawn with this quick guide to aeration. You’ll learn why, how and when to aerate your lawn for the best results.


Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction. Compacted soils have too many solid particles in a certain volume or space, which prevents proper circulation of air, water and nutrients within the soil. Excess lawn thatch or heavy organic debris buried under the grass surface can also starve the roots from these essential elements.

Should You Be Aerating Your Lawn?

One of the most common questions from homeowners is how to determine if they should be aerating their lawn. Your lawn is probably a good candidate for aeration if it:

  • Gets heavy use, such as serving as the neighborhood playground or racetrack. Children and pets running around the yard contribute to soil compaction.
  • Was established as part of a newly constructed home. Often, the topsoil of newly constructed lawns is stripped or buried, and the grass established on subsoil has been compacted by construction traffic.
  • Dries out easily and has a spongy feel. This might mean your lawn has an excessive thatch problem. Take a shovel and remove a slice of lawn about four inches deep. If the thatch layer is greater than one-half inch, aeration is recommended.
  • Was established by sod, and soil layering exists. Soil layering means that soil of finer texture, which comes with imported sod, is layered over the existing coarser soil. This layering disrupts …

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25 Flowers for Container Gardens

Flowers can add colour to your garden and make it more inviting. It is something that most people want, but they are not too sure about the types of flowers to add to their garden. Check out this guide to learn more.

Flowers for the balcony garden come in almost every color and shape imaginable. Many flowers do well in small containers and bring splashes of color to balcony container gardens. The following 25 beautiful flowers are popular and easy plants to consider for your balcony container garden. Click on the flower’s name to learn more about its care.

1. Azaleas

Azalea Flower

Azalea photo by Subtle Panda.

Azaleas are flowering bushes that have impressive, showy flower blooms in the summer. Their large, colorful flowers last for weeks, and they look beautiful when cut and displayed in a vase inside. Popular in Southern-style gardens, the azalea plant is often grown as a large bush. In balcony container gardens, however, these bushes will need to be pruned – they can actually be pruned to resemble small flowering trees. There are many species, varieties and hybrids of azaleas, and you are likely to find any color and flower shape to suit your balcony garden’s conditions.

2. Calla Lilies

White Calla Lily Flower

Photo by Joshua Ganderson.

Calla lily flowers, also called trumpet lilies or Lily of the Nile, most often have waxy-white flowers that gracefully twist and curl, ending in a delicate point. Calla lily flowers can also come in pink, orange or red, and the dark green, heart-shaped foliage can also be variegated with white spots. Calla lily plants are native to marshlands of South Africa but have gained popularity in gardens in the United States as marginal pond plants and container plants. It is a popular flower for weddings and Easter, and cut calla lily flowers last a long time in floral displays. The calla lily grows to 2 feet tall and can be grown in plant containers, and there are also miniature calla lily varieties that you can keep.



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85 Cool Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

The shabby chic decor style is very versatile with tastefully done items that are not just for show but can be for everyday use. Get to know more about this as you may want to incorporate this to your home as well.

Shabby chic décor became popular several years ago, and now it’s only getting more and more popular because it has special charm and chic. Besides, it’s budget-friendly because thanks to – you can restore some of your grandma’s things or flea market finds and use them again. You can even distress some cheap new furniture, including some of those products you can find in IKEA. Thanks to lots of DIY shabby chic tutorials you can find on our site achieving the appearance of an antique furniture isn’t that hard.

Shabby chic is a quite soft style which fits perfectly for cottages but can be used at many other homes too. It easily can add a feminine touch to any interior and make it quite unique. Usually, in such interiors, you can find one or several furniture pieces that are heavily painted through the years and are showing through time-worn areas.

DIY Shabby Chic Furniture

The simplest way to imitate aged and distressed look on your furniture is by using faux painting techniques with glaze or by simply painting your furniture piece and sanding this paint away from some of its parts. If you want some of your lamps to look shabby chic then you need to use vintage fabric, making ruffles and cover these lamps with them. You can even make different metal objects like clocks or buckets to look aged so they fit your shabby chic interior nicely. Just use the right metal aging technique for that.

Shabby Chic Rooms

In this roundup, you’ll find shabby chic decorating ideas for different rooms so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Shabby Chic Kitchens

Create your own shabby chic kitchen furniture, use pastel colors and your kitchen would look amazing!

aged furniture looks great with modern kitchen tools

aged furniture looks great with modern kitchen tools

charming shabby chic kitchen with lots of details

charming shabby chic kitchen with lots of details

combine patterns with aged furniture and your kitchen would shine

combine patterns with aged furniture and your kitchen would shine

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How To Lay New Sod Easily

I know that most people hate it, but it’s a lot of fun taking a bare, dead area, and transforming it into a lush thriving lawn. Laying sod is actually enjoyable!


Every homeowner who’s pushed a lawnmower knows that grass needs periodic care. Even so, the best-kept yards develop problems. Fortunately, the solution can be as simple as an application of the right lawn-care product. Or perhaps it’s time to dethatch, spread lime or just pour on more water. In most cases, it’s a foolproof process that your garden center is happy to help with. And if the problem is really severe, you can usually aerate and add more seed, and be back to normal in a month or two.

But that’s when the soil is workable. It’s not always. In new housing developments, the topsoil is often scraped away to create a fresh landscape. Ideally, developers will finish a job with 5 to 6 in. of topsoil to anchor the new lawn, but that’s the best case. In the chaotic, final stages of construction, the quality of the dirt in the yard is often ignored–especially if the new homeowner is less than willing to pay for extras. Worse yet, rushed landscaping can lead to poor drainage, and building scraps get plowed under, creating fungus problems for years to come. Even the choice of sod can spell trouble if it’s not grown with your particular climate in mind.

While it may be possible to manage bad soil, bad grass or poor drainage, it’s tough when you face all three. That was the case here. Our grass had little heat tolerance and needed regular doses of pricey fungicide. But the biggest problem was the clay soil. In this dense earth, grass roots penetrated an inch or two, then spread out, to create the thick layer of dead plant matter called thatch. Even our tree roots preferred thatch to the heavy clay. These problems, while rather serious, are fairly common, especially in new neighborhoods.

Crafting A Solution
The ideal solution here is to remove 5 to 6 in. of clay soil, replace it with topsoil and replant with a hardy seed or sod. But ours is a landscaped yard, with terraces, flowerbeds, fences and underground sprinklers. It allows little room for earthmoving equipment that might damage our concrete sidewalk and drive. And finally, this method is expensive.

We preferred a more manageable alternative–one that allowed us to do most of the work ourselves, using familiar lawn and garden rental equipment. We knew from gardening in this soil that it could be made workable with enough clay-busting mulch tilled in. And with 2 in. of thatch underfoot, we knew where to …

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10 Fun Facts about Singapore

Though Singapore is a small city yet it has a vast heritage to show. Discover Singapore and know why it has become one of most famous city in the World.


Singapore, also known as the City in a Garden, really is a far cry from any ordinary city. Mainly known for it’sshopping malls, celebrity chef restaurants and exceptional attractions such as the Marina Bay Sands or Gardens by the Bay, there are also countless temples, serene parks and an outstanding array of fauna and flora.

And, there are a few fun pieces of trivia that you wouldn’t find out about unless you dug deeper. We, the local experts at My Destination Singapore, are happy to share what we have found out from out various different sources. So, sit back and enjoy…

Singapore has 4 official languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil and a rich history and culture that comes with the many different ethnicities living here.

The City in a Garden

Singapore’s land size was 581,5 km in the 1960’s and has since grown to an impressive 710km. That’s an increase of 22%. Through land filling, the city-state has plans to grow by another 100 km until 2030, nearly doubling the former size of the island. One example of how land filling was used to create new space is theMarina Bay.

Marina Bay

Singapore was originally known as Temasek, meaning ‘sea town’ in Javanese. Later, in 1299, an Indonesia King who visited the island and mistook an unknown creature for a lion named it Singapura, which is Sanskrit for Lion City. Yet, it is known that there were never lions …



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A Guide to Bedroom Lighting Design

“Bedroom lighting can come in a variety of styles, designs and functions. Whatever it is that you have chosen, you should always take into priority the convenience and purpose of lighting in the very first place.”


To design the bedroom lighting, you need to realize that bedroom is more than simply slumber. Bedroom lighting have to meet various requirements. A probable bedroom lighting design should lift the atmosphere and make the room gentle, relaxing, serene and romantic. On the other hand, bedroom lighting should be suited for other activities other than sleeping, such as dressing and reading. Dark bedrooms are perfect for sleeping, but not enough for other activities taking place there.

To light your bedroom perfectly, Lighting EVER offers you the following tips:

Master Suit

  • The main lighting should be relaxing and gentle. You could use more than one light source to build the main lighting.
  • Add more bright light to dresser and wardrobe to make you more comfortable when dress up yourself. Besides, don’t forget that the bedsides require more light as well, thus you could read in bed.
  • You could use a couple of soft light bulb to highlight unique objects as you want.
  • Use dimmable ceiling light, so that you could adjust the brightness to your taste or mood.

Recommendation: LED bulb, LED spotlight, LED colour changing bulbs, floor lamp, table lamp, etc.

Main suit


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Tops Reasons Why You Need A Garden Awning

Aside from being fixtures that add style to your house, awnings enable you to enjoy the outdoors because they protect you from wind, sunlight as well as other elements of the weather. Outdoor awnings like a garden awning are seen set up in gardens, backyards and patios. Awnings like these make it easy for your family to gather and relish the surroundings and the fresh cool air of the outdoors without worrying too much about the weather’s excesses.”

Awnings are the very best items to use when you are attempting to keep your patio or back porch cooled down. Many of us enjoy spending our time outside eating barbecue meals or simply enjoying a good book. But for many of us the heat could get to us and drive us indoors on even the most breathtaking days. Simply because you’ll want to present cover and protection to some parts of your house does not mean you’re detracting from the look or design of your home. Practical can also be beautiful.

When you go shopping for an outdoor awning, you are going to find numerous types of fabric. One of the most popular features related to awning fabric is it being waterproof. Of course, some other significant features contain durability, fade resistant, strength, and even a thicker type of pigmentation. Then, some kinds of awning fabric are coated with acrylic, which is an excellent selection for blocking UV degradation. Just as with whatever you acquire, particularly something put through outdoor elements, you need the best.

An important contribution that of awning is the luxury of having a comfortable shaded area in your garden or yard. Which has a dependable outdoor cover inside your garden or yard will assist you to devote more time outside even when the sun is still up. In reality, you may enjoy a great tea party outside of the boundaries of your property no matter what weather condition is present. Additionally, a high-quality awning has been proven to reduce temperature. Therefore, you are able to take comfort in knowing that your children can be risk-free outdoors.

Awnings are available in a number of styles and you can take advantage of these variations in your home to help make the most of your space and in addition raise the convenience and comfort of your entryways. Folding arm style awnings are used often by patios. Because they’re retractable, these awnings is going to fold away discretely in the cooler months, to allow maximum sun light, and fold out in summer to present an instant outdoor space giving shade and definition to your patio. You might prefer that your external awning blend seamlessly with the colour of your home and with a lot of colours to choose from, it is really something you are able to do. An awning similar to this has a classic, subtle style that will present practical benefits with small visual impact.Or maybe you might like to make a statement with your outdoor awning. You could choose a contrasting colour to your dwelling to add brightness and flair.

There are numerous shops that sell the garden awning in a wide range of costs, so you’re guaranteed to select one that could suit your lifestyle and your budget. Just always remember to double check and inspect your acquisitions to ensure that the garden awning that you’ll get is of top quality.



“Organic vegetable gardening is becoming more popular with each passing year, as home gardeners strive to grow gardens that are bountiful, healthy, and ecologically friendly. Starting an organic vegetable garden is fairly straightforward; here’s what you need to know to get started.  Look up information on the types of vegetables you want to grow to ensure that you’re providing them with the right amount of water and nutrients. Consider doing some companion planting for a healthier garden. Pay close attention to your garden so that you catch pest and disease problems right away. The biggest part of growing a healthy garden is simply paying attention. If you do that, you’re well on your way to a healthy, bountiful, organic vegetable garden.”

Organic Gardening 101 - How to Start an Organic Vegetable Garden |

My gardening plans for 2014 have already begun. The boys and I have started a tray of seeds, ordered more, and I’m now in the process of sketching out my garden plans for the year. It looks like I’ll be adding a bed or two and this incredible vertical wooden box planter to my urban homestead this year. I’d like to plant mesclun lettuce, herbs, and maybe even radishes in these vertical planters.

You can find the design for this planter at The Owner Builder Network. Once I finish my garden plans I’ll make sure to share them with you. I enjoy being able to reflect on them over the years.

One of the things I enjoy most about organic gardening is that it brings such peace and serenity. I especially enjoy pursuing this hobby with my children. If you take a look at myorganic gardening archives you’ll see that they’ve been helping me in the gardens since they were itty bitties. It brings me such joy to share this passion with them and I especially love that by them being a part of growing their own food it has helped them appreciate and enjoy their vegetables.

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