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Creative Ideas for your Bedroom

The foremost objective of the master bedroom is to give haven and personal space to the owners of the house. That’s the reason why it is advisable to have that personal touch and involvement in styling the masters bedroom. Because of its value, it must obtain that fantastic design, relaxation and usefulness compared to the other parts of your home. Thankfully, perhaps you may now start developing and redecorating your room with all the little help from your partner or partner.

There are many of creative ideas that can be put into practice so that you’ll be carefully guided in developing your master bedroom at home. Listed below are a number of things that will assist you in coming up with your personal design and style.$PDP_Primary_525x366$


Designs and patterns
Much like the other areas of the property, your master bedroom should have an amazing style and design. Utilize certain quality design that will enable you to and your partner to use the bedroom as the best place to freshen up and rest at the end of the day. Calm patterns, ordinary yet distinctive, unflustered artwork, and toned qualities of the bedroom design can make it the perfect destination for both of you.

Furniture pieces
Obtain only the furniture that are important inside the room so it is not going to pile up inside your room and you will still have good enough space to move easily. Since you’re gonna coordinate the furniture, ensure you are picking the ones that will combine well with the chosen paint colors on the walls and ceiling. Pay attention to the bed because it’s the focal point inside the room and will play a big role in the design. Just bear in mind to incorporate all the pieces with each other in a harmonious manner.

Bedroom Color
The wall surfaces and the ceiling must be painted with shades that should go with everything in the room. Remember to consider what type of mood, the colors could bring inside to both of you and your spouse. If the room is small, go with the light color so that you’ll feel its spacious, however if you have bigger room, you could experiment with dark colors.

Window treatment
This is basically the part that finishes the details in the bedroom. Layer your home windows with a curtain or any kind of window treatment application in a way you could close and open at any time, will give you the privacy you need, and all of these without having to sacrifice aesthetic aspect. Window treatments put gentleness and privacy and are also the best way to totally show your style therefore it should considered with much importance when finishing the entire look of your bedroom.

I Love Bon Jovi!


I was there rockin with them and really really enjoyed the performances. First time i had joined in the grand prix fun. First time at a live concert and i am loving it!

Would try to upload the videos i took soon as i am busy right now seeing it is nearing the end of the year.


SINGAPORE: It has been 20 years since US rock band Bon Jovi last played in Singapore, but their amazing gig on Sunday (Sep 20) as part of the 2015 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix proved that good things come to those who wait.

It had all the ingredients for a brilliant rock concert: music that got people's hearts racing, throngs of sweaty, enthusiastic fans ready to party, and a band that knew how to get them moving.


Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are a hassle for businesses and residential owners similarly. Breakouts in your plumbing fixtures are caused by various aspects just like its position or location, usage and its longevity Nevertheless there’s also circumstances that the reason behind it are inescapable like weather such as freezing temperature or accidents in the area which we really could not control.

We’ll highlight many of the most typical plumbing conditions and describe their potential causes.

A.    Water pooling near underground pipes – When you see positioned water on the ground above where your home or business’ drain pipes run a broken pipe underground is the most likely offender. There are numerous reasons behind this problem and here are some; damage from construction, temperatures and burst pipes as a result of time and also other aspects.

B.    Leaking pipes – Leaking indoor pipes are a problem which could lead to the growth of mildew and mold. Leaks are caused when connections to other piping become loose or the pipes begin to rust after some time. Because of this, a leaking indoor pipe can result in ruined walls, damaged carpets and rugs, and useless furnishings.

C.    Clogged drains – Clogged drains come from foreign things or dirt which gets caught within the drain pipes, blocking the movement of water. Your kitchen sink, lavatory and bath tub drains are where most backups begin caused by locks, oil, toilet tissue along with other items that build up. Even so, drain pipes also can develop into clogged from the substances in other areas of the plumbing, as well – like the underground pipes.

D.    Leaking toilets – Leaking toilets are normally caused by a worn out gasket on the tank or by a poor waterline at its base. Prolonged leaking from either component may also cause structural destruction and also the development of mold spores.

E.    Drippng faucet – the most common causes of dripping faucets are the harmed or worn pieces. If your faucet produces a drip, it often indicates you should change the washer on the inside of the tap. The washer gives a seal in compression taps.

F.    Low water pressure – Low water pressure is a quite normal problem and is most often a result of calcium deposits on the screens of the faucets where the water is released. The calcium build-up prevents the water from streaming openly from the faucet, which in turn causes a decrease in the pressure of the faucet’s movement.

G.    Water heater issues – Water heaters usually last several years – perhaps a decade or more. Yet, once you begin experiencing issues with a water heater – such as leaks or a pilot that won’t stay lighted – it is probably time to buy a new one since there are no easy, long term fixes for this sort of situation.

Several usual plumbing complaints are Do-it-yourself projects which do not require the solutions of a qualified plumber. However, in case you really aren’t certain how to cope with your plumbing difficulties, it’s best to work with a licensed plumber to deal with them for you. That way, you are able to prevent any extra harms or issues that may arise during the repair process.

Singapore clamps down on five firms over haze

“Classes were suspended, business halted operations and many people’s daily activities were disturbed because of the haze. Masks were sold out so some weren’t able to protect themselves. Indeed, not only the daily activities were affected but health is the most critical issue that wer are dealing here.”


The Singapore skyline obscured by the haze in the Marina Bay area on Sept 22, 2015.

In its toughest anti-haze measure yet, Singapore has begun legal action against five companies it believes are among the culprits behind Indonesia’s polluting fires.

It has also slammed statements from Indonesian officials over the crisis that forced the Republic to close schools yesterday when air quality became hazardous.

Naming the firms for the first time yesterday, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan stressed that the haze was a man-made problem that should not be tolerated. “Ultimately, errant companies must know that there is a price to be paid for damaging our health, environment and economy,” he said.

Haze levels here peaked at a 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading of 267 to 322 at 8am yesterday. They improved slightly later but remained very unhealthy. The three-hour PSI showed greater fluctuations – hitting 341 at 5am and dropping to 80 at 2pm, before rising again to 154 at 9pm.

Unhealthy haze pollution – when the 24-hour PSI is over 100 for at least 24 hours – has occurred four times since Sept 10.

The National Environment Agency (NEA), which has been gathering evidence by monitoring hot spots, smoke plumes, maps, meteorological data and satellite images, yesterday served Singapore-listed firm Asia Pulp and Paper a legal notice to supply information on its subsidiaries in Singapore and Indonesia, as well as measures taken …


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A Go Green Change At Home

The research on how destructive we are to our planet definitely makes you insane. It appears as though many individuals are anticipating some hero, perhaps “Save Environment Guy” arrive for the environment’s rescue. Others are confident that the govt. will fix it-right!

If you haven’t started out doing a thing, then shame on you. Everyone should carry out their part. You can begin with a step-by-step campaign to minimize your house’s carbon footprint. If you happen to are not aware of what that is, it is actually a measure of the Earth’s resources required to help support a house’s way of life. You can even find websites that will assist you determine yours.

You will discover three areas of your life that contribute to the 75% of environmental damage. According to experts, they’re listed here in order of priority:

• The food we eat
• Mode of transportation
• The water and energy efficiency of our houses and gardens

It is really on our lifestyle or the we live our life that we save the environment and not only just by literally conserving trees or animals. Daily home activities which includes: air conditioning, food preparation, lighting, and household trash lead to 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions each year. If you feel that the energy consumption and transportation are the main factors, then you’re definitely wrong. It is also contributed by the our choice of merchandise and food items.

Purchase local products. The reason for it is that research shows that chemical farming utilizes much more energy per unit of production than organic farming, that do not utilize these chemical inputs. Making and transporting these chemicals uses considerable quantities of energy and results in greenhouse gases.

Our shopping practices also negatively influence the planet if you aren’t performing it right. Make a list of your purchases for the week of for a month to ensure you would not be heading often to the stores and buy goods that are not processed. Doing this shopping is healthier both for humans and the environment.

Reducing our food footprint is actually a start of the change in the family. Eat lower on the food chain or going meatless for just one meal a week can make a difference. Globally, it is determined that 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions are associated with meat consumption. Make an effort to have atleast once a week “No Meat Day”. It will not just help the environment, it’ll also benefit your health.

You don’t need to become a vegetarian, ride a bicycle or walk to work everyday, reuse every little thing, make a compost heap, switch all of your lighting, etc. If you’d like, that’s great. Go for it. It would, however, be beneficial for us to carry out what we could towards saving the environment for generations to come. If we all did what we could, then perhaps we would be able to get off the bed and face the environment each day realizing we did our very best and face the planet with a smile.


Home Renovation Mistakes

Renovating can actually be a difficult task if you aren’t sure how to start things off or you aren’t actually familiar about this task. Some remodeling activities aren’t that hard so home owners usually carry it out themselves while those that are intricate are left to the experts. Listed here are the typical mistakes that individuals normally do when doing repairs and remodeling tasks at home.
A.    Not Knowing What You Want

Even if you’re not executing it yourself, realize enough so that you can ask the contractors questions as you go along. It is very important learn how to go into detail what you wish so you can do it successfully or you may speak of it to the contractors.

B.    Being Too Trendy

It is inevitable to be always on style to catch up with other individuals. Well, it could just fine for your garments or devices however, if it involves home remodeling, ponder over it meticulously. You might want to make use of the one-year test which just basically allows you to discover if you’ll still want a thing right after a year.

C.    Not Going Green

In any home improvement activity, handling factors such as time, budget and aesthetics can be quite a challenge. But don’t neglect the earth and environment in doing so! Eco-friendly building materials are beneficial and could help you save lots of money when it comes to energy apart from the fact that it provides a very warm ambiance to the residence.

D.    Using Poor Quality Materials

People automatically associates quality to higher spending. It is a wrong mind setting that you could only save much on buying very affordable products since the majority of them are not designed to last much longer. That means, when it breaks or once its defective, you’ll have to purchase another which happens to be more pricey.

E.    Using Wrong Type of Paint

You need to also be aware that there are numerous types of paints for different surfaces. Primarily, there are two forms of paint, oil based and water based. But you can also find primers, enamels, acrylics and many others. To be guided, discover more painting guides or maybe you may consult the store person in the hardware prior to purchasing the paint.

F.    Old Electrical Systems

In addition there are cases that the electric systems are absolutely forgotten about. When remodeling task is designed, among the list of concerns is solidifying the outlets as well as other electrical systems. When upgrading electrical units, many individuals will change from two-prong to three-prong. Before updating any existing outlets, it’s best to talk to an electrician.

G.    Forgetting A Permit

Permits aren’t just for massive changes like kitchen and bathroom renovations. Projects such as installing a window, or replacing a bath may also require a permit. Most renovations and remodels will demand a permit in order that what’s being updated will still comply safety codes.

Home improvement can be an enjoyable task for a family. It is a thing that the whole can take part in. If the project is way too complicated, you need to simply seek the experts to avoid any injury to your home. If you wish it to be carried out seriously, now you may take short classes for home fix and improvement.

Toilets and Bidets

The bidet was discovered on the 1700s and later progressed in numerous kinds. Like other things there are various types of them and getting to know the different sorts will allow you to determine which one you’d like. For many households, the bidet is number one when it comes to keeping good hygiene standards in the bathroom.


Toilets are designed to resist corrosion along with the yellowing stains that may occur overtime. With regards to the type of material used in toilets, they are usually wood, plastic and urea formeldeyde. Among these materials, the plastic ones are the most in-demand toilet seat as they are very durable and usually more cost effective. You will still find other types in the market that allows you to select the best one for your bathroom’s design.

Toilet bowls come in either round or elongated types. Elongated seats usually are about 2 ” longer, and offer more surface area, making the toilet a bit more comfy compared to the round variety. Round toilets are smaller, and better for small areas. If you have the space for it, however, you might appreciate the convenience of an elongated bowl. For the height, the inch taller toilet is often much more comfortable for a few than the regular ones.

In earlier times, bidets were the entire rave as they were said to be cleaner and more advanced than other types of cleaning. Yet over the past 50 years their popularity has reduced. It is not until recently that bidets made a comeback, and more and more house owners are using bidets as a clean and sanitary substitute.

Taking factors just like style, height, size and a lot more into account will make your first bidet purchase a much easier experience. Understanding beforehand what shape your toilet is will let you get the perfect bidet to suit your needs. There are different shapes and only certain bidets will fit on every shape. Also having a budget and sticking with it will help you in choosing the appropriate bidet since there are many out there that are really expensive that has the same features with the cheaper ones. Knowing first what you look for will help you decide what type to have.

Ask a Designer: How Do I Choose Art for a Gallery Wall?

Choosing the right art for home is actually a dilemma for those who aren’t really into paintings or you don’t have an eye for art. Yes, putting something in your wall could actually make an impact but it would also be great if you have an idea what you’re going to place in it.


Q: I love seeing all of the gallery walls that you use in your design work. How do I go about selecting art? —Marilyn J.

A: Marilyn, it’s interesting that the gallery wall is becoming one of the trademarks of my designs. I’ve always leaned towards a “collected aesthetic,” so a lushly displayed gallery wall (also called salon-style) certainly helps to give any space a strong sense of history.

As with anything that you’re acquiring over time, there needs to be some kind of “connective tissue” to make any collection feel more intentional. Here are a few of my “go-to” ideas for making gallery walls hang together:

1. Subject Matter
Whether you want to work with botanicals or family photos, if you can bring together various images of a similar subject you’re well on your way to creating something beautiful.

2. Framing Styles
You can mix all manner of art medium (photography, drawings, etc.) as well as varying subject matter if you use a matching frame style to bring everything together. Personally, I tend to be a little bolder in mixing frame styles as well. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by options you can always keep things simpler and work with …


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Plumbing Fixtures: Things to Keep in Mind

Fixtures and fittings like for example pipes, joints, faucets and etc are just example of fixtures and fitting that requires the plumbing works are simply just of the activities that will be needing plumbing contractor. Appropriate setting up on the plumbing materials is a necessity of the particular standard while setting up a house. The condition of the water flow of your house and maintaining needs to be a huge key concern which means plumbing jobs are crucial.

Outside plumbing should be as important as the internal plumbing. Having a well attached and powerful plumbing networking is important to measure incidents like wet walls, seepage and breaks.. Regular maintenance and changes of one’s fixtures and plumbing is very needed to avoid future concerns. Please be reminded as well that particular plumbing components may go in another way amongst each other. To give one example, the common copper piping works beautifully with brass bodied accessories. Normally copper, PVC, steel and CPVC comprise the base components for making plumbing fixtures.

Photo from

Costumers that are on a budget, often search for more affordable selections in which the experts totally prevent. Complete breakdowns and leakages has higher possibly in less costly plumbing parts and definitely will require frequent routine maintenance. You need to consult a professional plumber in this regard and one can go wrong in a lot of ways. Getting the right dimension requirements is often complicated initially for starters. One must likewise be able to comprehend the primary difference between your cheaper fitting variants from the quality ones.

To sum all of it up one can consider that this requires consultation services with the professional plumbing firms prior to making any endeavors. They’re others stuffs that may just be learned from the assessment apart from your existing problems that would help you in the future,

A. Comprehending plumbing codes: You’ll find set suggestions for plumbing put down by the Government. Typical person would not be that knowledgeable from the complications of the plumbing guidelines. Thus, a help from some professionals are usually necessary.

B. Determining the plumbing patterns: The plumbing patterns vary with the nature of the building and it is the professional plumbers who can best determine the patterns. Plumbing patterns that are not well designed and set up can cause more damages like breakdowns, seepage and leakage. It is thus advisable to leave the job of plumbing to the pros.

C. In-depth skills and training: Doing repairs by yourself may end up to more complications and may simply not work. Professional plumbers are skilled and have the right experiences to perform things correctly therefore it is better that they perform the plumbing works. Trusted companies have plumbers with certifications so that they can gain in customers trust.

Getting all the various aspects into purview it is a fact to imply that the art of plumbing is best left to your properly trained and knowledge professionals.

Air con – What would i do without them!

wonder how can we survive here in Singapore without air con. And yes i do think we have become too reliant on air con this day. Frankly i can't even imagine working or sleeping without my air con on. 

Seems to me that a fan is useless in the fight against the heat. However, as this article points out would it be sustainable to consume that much energy. 

What if just what if one day we face a shortage of energy. I am really thankful that we are living in a time where we are blessed with technology and natural resources which have yet to completely deplete.

Singapore also needs to think about how the island- city-state consumes energy. Let us start with how much an air-conditioned nation it has become as the majority of the buildings are now cooled by air-conditioners. The proportion of Singapore households with air-conditioners has more than doubled in 20 years, from 35 per cent in 1993 to 76 per cent in 2013. Air-conditioning accounted for the highest proportion of household energy consumption at 37 per cent. To capture a sense of how cool Singapore has become, we conducted an informal temperature survey of popular publicly accessible locations, like shopping malls and the Changi Airport terminals.