Rattan Garden Furniture

The outdoor furnishing which you select for your garden needs to be welcoming and relaxing, and to project an image of elegance and charm. More and more people are finding that nothing enhances their outdoor space as perfectly as rattan garden furniture. It comes in an almost infinite range of designs, it’s incredibly versatile, and it adds a touch of style to even the most ordinary patio or lawn.

 What is Rattan Furniture?

Rattan, from which most of this furniture is made, is a unique palm plant found in parts of south-east Asia, and characterized by its slender stems and vine-like growing patterns. As its grain grows vertically, instead of fanning out like most hardwoods, it is considered one of the strongest woods in the world. To make rattan furniture, the straight wood is steamed, bent into the desired shape, and then dried — once dried, it retains its shape permanently.


Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture is often referred to as wicker furniture, and this causes some confusion, as wicker furniture can be made of other materials besides rattan. Strictly speaking, rattan is the material, while wicker is the process used to weave it into the finished product. However, in practice, the two terms are often used interchangeably.

Why is Rattan Furniture Popular?

There are actually many reasons why rattan garden furniture is just so popular, however the top reasons are:

 Stylish Looks That Instantly Add To Your Outdoor Space

More than any other reason, most homeowners are immediately drawn to the look of rattan.  Its woven texture and exoticness are incredibly appealing and of course very stylish as well.   Rattan furniture is so good looking in fact, that even the addition of one or two pieces, will greatly enhance the look of your garden or patio.

Rattan Garden Furniture

 Its’ Versatility

Unlike many other types of furniture, you can enjoy the beauty of rattan and the impact it makes just about anywhere because of its versatility.  This wonderful material works with spaces of all styles and types and in all locations.  It doesn’t matter if you use it in your gazebo, next to a pond, near a garden, on a deck, or even on a balcony, it will look fantastic and really add to the look of the space as a whole.  And from more traditional to very modern in style it works with everything.


Rattan Garden Furniture


The Unusual Advantage of Being Light In Weight But Extra Strong

While virtually all other very tough outdoor furniture materials are heavy, rattan is light as a feather.  This remarkably rare pairing of both strength and almost weightlessness makes it the top and only choice for many people.  Since rattan is one of the strongest woods in the world it is perfectly suited for use outdoors. Unlike other durable options like teak or wrought iron patio furniture its is so light that even a three-seater sofa is east to move, which  may seem hard to believe until you experience just how lightweight it is first hand.  You won’t have to worry about hurting your back, dropping and damaging the furniture itself, or having to enlist the help of family and friends when moving it to another location or re-arranging it.  With rattan garden furniture it’s a breeze.

Rattan Garden Furniture


Easy To Maintain

Different from other woods which can be notoriously difficult to take care of, with rattan it is simple.  By following a few easy rules and very basic maintenance (listed further down) you’ll ensure your ability to enjoy this phenomenal natural product for years after your purchase.

Seemingly Endless Variety

Because the many advantages above are so appealing to consumers, rattan is always in demand which along with its ability to be shaped into almost any form has pushed manufacturers to produce it in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. This allows anyone regardless of how picky or demanding they are to find something they not only like, but love.


Rattan Garden Furniture


 Varieties of Rattan Furniture

As well as the confusion caused by using both terms wicker and rattan to refer to the furniture, further confusion is caused because a lot of furniture advertised as rattan is actually synthetic rattan, or rattan effect garden furniture. The reason synthetic rattan is produced is that natural rattan furniture does not …


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