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25 DIY Ideas How To Decorate A Candle

I love candles! I can’t go out in a store without having to check new candle designs and scents. Candles just give me that calming mood especially when you lit it inside the bathroom. It instantly gives the room that resort or spa like feeling. How about you, do you love candles?


Citronella Candles For Summer

25 DIY Ideas How To Decorate A Candle

Mini Pumpkin Candles

25 DIY Ideas How To Decorate A Candle

Halloween DIY Blood Dripping Candles

25 DIY Ideas How To Decorate A Candle

 Painted Candle Centerpiece

25 DIY Ideas How To Decorate A Candle

Printed Candles

25 DIY Ideas How To Decorate A Candle


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KidZania is coming to Singapore!

“Going beyond the costumes and props, Kidzania is indeed the perfect to bring your children. Not only that they’ll enjoy, they will sure learn and realize what they really wanted in the future. This is great start on unveiling and discovering where your child is inclined to.”


What is KidZania?

KidZania is an indoor entertainment and educational centre where kids can learn, play and explore in their very own kid-sized city.

This unique play experience for kids was first founded in Mexico City in 1999, and has since grown by leaps and bounds, with a presence in 12 locations around the world. To date, this multi award-winning indoor edutainment centre has attracted over 26 million visitors worldwide.

kidzania Singapore

KidZania Singapore is set to open its doors in early 2015. The vast 7,600 square-metre facility will be part of the new Family …


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Your Home Office – Designed To Work For You

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More people today choose to work from their houses or run their organization from a home office enable them to save cash, spare a daily commute, and give control over workplace. Nevertheless people need to be realistic with regards to their expectations. A home based job basically needs a bit of ingenious strategizing. To be successful in a home office environment, we’ve got to make use of the space efficiently and reduce the usual distractions.

1.    Plan Your Office
At this point you may wish to make a plan for the office. You are going to now know how big your office is as well as what has to add that space. It is important to start out in an organized manner. You might like to connect with a business that could deal with your plea, “Help organize my office!” Many of them can present you with floor plans and tricks to make the best use of your area.

2.    Review Your Needs
The initial step in this transition to a home office is to check your needs. You may want to list the different items that you should have. Identify the related equipment that will be required, like a table, computer, printing device, along with other things. Additionally, you will be considering the requirement for probable meetings in the space. It is also possible that you might not have clients to go to your home and you simply will schedule any appointments in a public place. When you have made a decision what you want to have to do in your home office, you could start working on the other steps.

3.    Obtain the Ideal Location
You will need to determine the place where you prefer to set up your home office. Just remember, it is not necessary an enormous space. If you feel about most cubicles in an office setting, they are not that huge, possibly no bigger than 64 sq. ft. You’ll want to look for a location that will allow you to have some privacy and permanency. You won’t want to have to load up all of your things each day to make room for other activities. Ensure that this area is specific to work alone.

Once you begin with proven systems in place, you will find it simpler to keep up with the orderliness. Specialists can show you the way to group like items together, the way to file in an efficient way, as well as what activities are the best done at a desk or work area.

4.    Include personal touches
This last step would be the most fun. You’ve got the opportunity to personalize the space. For anybody who is doing work in the corporate world, you’re restricted to the office décor and have minimal latitude in making the space your own. In a home office, the sky is the limit. You may wish to obtain the colors that are soothing to you and the furniture that is cozy. You will want to put systems in position that would work best for you.

How to Handle a Clogged Drain in Your Home

One of the biggest problems plumbers normally notice in houses is congested or slow drains. Clogs could eventually be a major problem that will need the help of a professional should they be unattended properly. However in these difficulties not every person has got the budget to call a plumber always. But as a house owner, there are many things you can do to avoid it as well as providing minor checkup and repairs prior to getting in touch with an expert.


You could buy drain cleaners however it’s sensible to choose preventive measures first. Clog mat occur if concentrated liquid substances are poured down the sink. A few of these are lubricants, used paint and hot wax which do not dissolve easily. Such substances build up at the edges of pipes resulting in particles to stick with it. Avoid throwing solid materials in the drain. Falling hair, food crumbs and paper are also responsible for blocking sewages.

Ensure that you have a rubbish bin and drain strainer in the bathroom to stop objects from being washed to the wide open drain. Make sure you clean the filter on a regular basis due to the fact clogging can bring about more serious difficulties. Plumbing maintenance is also essential to help keep you away from these problems. It is advisable to pour boiling water to break up all stubborn debris. Follow this up with cold water to wash away all of those other debris.

Look at structural defects within your plumbing system. These are typically a result of the natural movements of the ground, poor or leaking pipes, dropping of land level, growth of tree roots, and disintegration of ditches. These can hamper water flow and lead to complete obstruction. Speak to qualified plumber immediately once these issues start to come out.

The best thing that to carry out is to check the waste that goes down the drainage structure frequently. Make time to scour kitchen items so food leftovers could be separated and thrown to the garbage bin. Make use of the right type of cleaning agent that could remove grease that builds up once you cook food. Don’t throw this used oil straight to the kitchen sink. Just put this into a individual container and allow it to cool down before putting it away. Never allow this jam to turn into an uncontrollable problem. Resolve everything immediately so you will not have to contact the problem and spend some money. Nonetheless, the plumbing expert is the greatest person to call if things go out of hand.

Bathroom Ventilation Benefits

Air flow is probably the most important elements of health and hygiene aspects of your bathroom. Using high quality bathroom ventilation fans ensures that you have a bathroom that is free from moisture and stinky smells. Also, choosing the right bathroom fan may boost the home decor of your bathroom. There are a number of significant benefits of using bathroom ventilation fans. The primary ones are listed below.

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I. Elimination of foul air – In case your bathroom air smells, then it is absolutely not a healthy area to be in. And if the air inside gets stale as a result of infrequent flow then it may become hazardous for human health. It could eventually come to be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. So removing the poor air from inside the bathroom is important. This gets easy once you’ve got a bathroom ventilation fan set up.

II. Removal of moisture – The removal of moisture from the bathroom is important. A moist bathroom is bad for the human wellness convenience. It is usually undesirable when it comes to the durability aspects of bathroom materials just like wooden doors and wall painting. When you are in a bathroom that’s moist, then you would find it unpleasant throughout the summer. Inhaling and exhaling becomes more hard. The mirror can have a curtain of water vapor and that won’t allow you to use the mirror. Fitting the bathroom ventilation fan close to the shower would ensure that most of the water vapor creating the moisture and humidity gets taken out right after it comes out of the shower. The wall paintings tend to disappear more quickly in a moist environment. The wooden doors gets expanded, and it is quite common for people to struggle in thoroughly closing the bathroom doors as a result of continued exposure to moisture. Therefore eliminating the moisture by using these fans is essential.

III. Improved decorations – Now, ventilations fans or fixtures are already tremendously enhanced. The majority of them are really looking good that it no longer an eye sore as opposed to old time when the vent fans were some ugly monster pieces of metal with deafening noise.

IV. Enjoy A Fresh New Air – You could use the most pure means of ventilation which is using your bathroom window as entryway of fresh air and source of proper air flow. Ensure you open the windows otherwise you also can use exhaust fans. When stinky odors and moisture are eliminated, then a fresh new air will get into and replace it, making your bathroom cleaned and hygienic.

There are a variety of problems that one could come across because of poor ventilation. The best thing to do is to address and deal with this issue as early as you possibly can by means of accessible resources and solutions in the market such as ventilation fans. With proper ventilation, you’ll be able to avoid property damages as well as health issues in the home. And so better check your place right now and see if it needs more ventilation.

How to Control Common Garden Weeds

A lawn or garden that begins to get overgrown with unpleasant weeds is certain to undertake a variety of issues. Weeds are acknowledged to contend with the beneficial plants for sunshine, water, and soil nutrients. A chemical-based herbicide is certain to help you with controlled weed population. Though, if the earth-friendly options are desired, you’ll be able to lay thick black matting or plastic sheeting across the ground surface to deprive the weeds of sunshine and water.


I.    Daisy weed
The perennial daisy weed belongs to the most popular weeds to invade the lawn. Daisies appear with a yellow center that’s encompassed by white petals and grow about 3 inches. This weed is fairly resilient to typical mowing and trimming, as a result it aids you to use a hand-tool like the daisy grubber to rapidly lift and take away the weeds.

II.    Wild Onion
Wild onion looks like a grass at a glance. Close examination will reveal triangular in shape leaf design unlike a lance or linear-shaped blade that a person notices on a lawn grass. It may grow from its small buried bulb to as much as 2 feet if it blooms in late summer. You will see a one of a kind onion odor whenever close to this weed.

III.    Creeping thistle
The creeping thistle is certain to result in destruction of the lawn with bare areas or freshly seeded lawns. This weed has thistle-like foliage with purple colored flower heads. The spiky structure of the foliage causes them to be very uncomfortable to walk or rest on. Creeping thistle is best removed by using a fork or daisy grubber.

IV.    Plantain
This weed is very common in gardens. This is a perennial that grows in cooler seasons and is discovered almost everywhere. The foliage are rosette-shaped and possess conspicuous veins. Foliage might appear parallel-veined, dark green to purple and may also be hairy or smooth. Seed heads resembling rats’ tails will be the distinction of this weed.

V.    Crabgrass
The fast-growing crabgrass appears to be with green-blue leaves in which like a compact cluster and appears that just about a crab. It is one of the tall-growing weeds, and therefore quite simple to notice when the lawn is not mowed often. A regular schedule of mowing, fertilizing, and watering is necessary in order to avoid the spread of this weed.

VI.    Dandelion
You can instantly them for the little yellow flower with the milky stems and incredibly long taproots. It is virtually difficult to prevent dandelions from spreading in the event it begins to flower and seed. Therefore it is important that you eliminate them immediately before it begins so. Any section of the root left will develop to another plant. Should there be seed heads, cover it with a paper bag being careful never to disturb the seeds.

Teaching Children to Be Grateful

Isn’t it music to the ears when you hear kids saying their “thanks” for just about anything? Don’t you wish your kid can appreciate even the smallest things and have a sincere heart of gratitude? Unfortunately, this kind of attitude is starting to fade because some parents tend to just give in to what their kids plea or they just don’t realize the importance of such. As early as possible, we, parents should be responsible in teaching our kids the right attitude as early as possible.


“The More We Give Him, the Less He Appreciates It”

brunette baby girl in blue suit with white piping


A few years ago, my son A.J., then 4, was obsessed with getting a robotic dog. Whenever we drove past a toy store, he started his pleading. Convinced that nothing would make him happier than that dog, my husband and I broke down and bought him the most expensive version on the market for Christmas. “He will be so thankful when he opens this gift,” we told ourselves. And yes, A.J. was thrilled — for about a week. Then, we noticed the dog spent most of its time in his closet, as A.J. begged for other, even more expensive toys — a drum set, a riding mini-Jeep, a huge playhouse. “You’d think he’d be grateful for what he has,” I complained to my husband, Tony. “The more we give him, the less he appreciates it.”

The Art of Appreciation

Gratitude is one of the trickiest concepts to teach toddlers and preschoolers — who are by nature self-centered — but one of the most important. Sure, thankful children are more polite and pleasant to be around, but there’s more to it than that. By learning gratitude, they become sensitive to the feelings of others, developing empathy and other life skills along the way, says Barbara Lewis, author of What Do You Stand For? For Kids (Free Spirit Publishing, 2005). Grateful kids look outside their one-person universe and understand that their parents and other people do things for them — prepare dinner, dole out hugs, buy toys. “On the flip side, kids who aren’t taught to …


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Bedroom Lighting Advice

Could be your bedroom looking a bit uninteresting and lifeless? It is time to correct that at this moment by incorporating inspired bedroom lighting effects choices. By choosing the suitable fixtures you can add heaps of persona to your bedroom, turning it into a luxury haven in your own property. You will find a great selection of unique, intimate, traditional and modern lighting available, all ideal for bringing your bedroom to the full potential.

I.    Kid’s Rooms – Children’s bedroom often serves as their playroom and, as they grow up, an escape from the rest of the world, therefore it is vital to give lights that are suited to use the whole day in this room, especially if there is a scarcity of sun light coming through windows. Consider using a modern day chandelier made from easy to clean and tough to break plastic for a striking lighting solution.


II.    Recessed Fixtures – For a sleek look in a adult room, you cannot go past recessed fittings for a fresh upgrade. These light fittings work efficiently with any contemporary home and are extremely flexible.

III.    Bedside Lamps – More lamps for the bedroom are needed if you need to spending some time at night and not really feel as if it’s the middle of the day because of the bright overhead lights. Putting a lamp or two near the bed can make your bedroom feel more comfortable and inviting late at night. Place the lamp on a bed side table or think about putting in wall lamps which flex elegantly just over the bed head.

IV.    Suspended Industrial – One of the biggest trends lately in any room of the home is the craze for industrial lighting. These stark fixtures are well-liked since they’re practical and non-fussy while being gorgeous in an uncommon way. Industrial fixtures will also be perfect for creating a shared bedroom manlier since they easily balance any excessively girly or romantic characteristics.

V.    Dressing Room – lighting the dressing room is of the utmost importance. If lights are too bright overhead, it is going to cast uncomfortable shadows on the faces when trying out apparel. Furthermore, if this harsh overhead lighting is utilized in conjunction with the mirror inside the dressing room causes it to be worse. Put a mounted lighting close or above the clothes so it will be shadow free.

While various lighting places are really necessary for all bedrooms, you do not have to fill the room with lamps and chandeliers. The bedroom is amongst the few rooms in the house where you could enjoy having some atmospheric shadows through the night and not worry about guests with poor vision.

Considerations When Estimating Roof Replacement Cost


Regardless how you cut it, the price of a completely new roof is sizeable. Yet, you could have likely seen that when you contact three to four various roof specialists it’s likely you’ll obtain 3 or 4 unique, sometimes different quotes. Certainly, there are numerous components that affect the price, not the least of which is the skill and experience of your professional. Therefore, before you select a roofing company, take some time to take into account the factors that would impact the cost of a new roofing.

A.    Roofing Material

Material choice makes a big impact if it’s time to compute roof replacement expenses. Asphalt roofing shingles will be the least expensive while wood, slate and metal will be the more costly options. Installing metal roofs and slate is additionally intricate and requires unique skills. A number of roofs can be set up by merely the organizations properly trained by the manufacturers. So, that significantly influences the costs of the new roof structure. Never go with low quality material since it will only make the roof last for a few years and will need high maintenance.

B.    Roof Size

Of course, a bigger roofing will need more materials which will affect the total cost. Similarly, larger roofs require more hours for removal and installation, so labour expenses will be greater as well. Usually, building contractors will meticulously evaluate the roof and make use of these details to figure out an estimation.

C.    Roof Pitch

A roof that is specifically steep and slippery will definitely cost more to replace than a roof that’s more accessible. The elevation of the roof structure is important as well. Roofing on two-story homes can be more expensive to change than roofs on on the lower ground due to the fact they need to use safety equipment as well as other equipment for it. It is easier for the workers to access a roof that’s closer to the ground than others on higher grounds and the steep ones.

D.    Tear Down

A very common practice in roofs would be to put in a new roof straight over an old one. The sad thing is, even though this practice can conserve time and cash, after some time it might not be easy to install an another roof in this manner. If the expert needs to remove several layers of old materials this can also impact the cost of your roof. The time it will require to remove a roof and the price for disposal of this material will certainly factor in to the price of a new roof.

E.    Type of Warranty

Ultimately, another major component that can impact your budget is the warranty. A standard warranty generally constitutes a contractor supporting the labor and workmanship of the item; while extended warranties may be supported by manufacturers. Depending on the warranty coverage you need, you might find your costs to vary, sometimes a great amount.

As there are many factors which will affect your roofing budget, it is very important speak to a contractor regarding your needs and expectations.

Public Transport

“If you just migrated in Singapore or perhaps a tourist who wants to explore this city, then you really need to read this to guide you in your transport.   Though it is not that hard to find a means of transportation in this place, you probably will still need a contact number of operators for advance bookings.”


Traveling in Singapore is rated as safe, reliable and convenient and most places are
within an hour’s bus or MRT ride from the center – Orchard Road.

Singapore has a well established integrated Public Transport System (Transit Link) integrating fare, information and networks of the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) trains  and the busses SBS and Tibs.

Buy a Transitlink Farecard at selected MRT stations to ride MRT and busses. You can pay by NETS or Cash card. Check if you qualify for concession cards available for children, students and seniors.


ez-link Card for Public Transport

With the new ez-link Card available at any TransitLink Ticket Office (TO) commuters can travel on all trains and busses in Singapore. The fare will be deducted automatically once the user passes through MRT gates or taps the card on the electronic readers of the bus. This fabulous system uses …


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