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Decorating Ideas: Beautiful Neutral Bedrooms

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There are people who opt for classic and timeless beauty. When it comes to room spaces and interior decorating, it can be manifested thru using neutral colors. If you are not yet sure about your color choice for your home, you might want to consider the neutral ones. You can actually experiment more on your decorative pieces when you have good and subtle neutral space.


“Who says a neutral palette has to stop at beige? These soft and soothing hues make any bedroom look timeless and sophisticated. And with a color scheme so versatile, it’s easy to pair fabrics and furniture.”


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How To Paint Laminate Furniture in 3 Easy Steps!

How to paint laminate furniture in 3 easy steps! Amazing tips!

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Hey ya’ll. So, when we moved into our house 3 years ago, we had two hot pink couches and a mattress on the floor. I was living the high life. And that’s about the time when I began my journey of finding old thrift store furniture and painting it.
Now three years later, I’ve painted and repurposed tons of furniture, my entire house is pretty much furnished with my finds, and I write a blog about doing just that.
That was never really my plan, but in the end, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Anyways, this last week a good family friend was moving and gifted me a bunch of furniture that was in his basement. While the majority of the dresser was real wood, the top and sides were laminate. I was excited by this discovery because I get all sorts of questions about how to paint laminate furniture, and I knew this would be a great opportunity to talk about it.

So, today’s post is about how to paint laminate furniture. And actually, this method of painting furniture is so easy and can be used on all wood furniture, not just the laminate stuff.
In fact, I paint the majority of my pieces this way.

So, here is what I brought home earlier last month…a trailer full of free furniture.

How to paint laminate furniture in 3 easy steps! Amazing tips!

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I decided to start with the smaller dresser first (although I eventually painted the larger one, too.)
Here’s the before picture.

How to paint laminate furniture in 3 easy steps! Amazing tips!

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A Number of Plumber’s Tools

Unquestionably, the various tools used by plumbers to do assistance such as unclogging drain pipes differ from equipment you could have in your own toolbox. Several of the tools may be easily recognizable. Others, however, maybe you have never seen before. Simply because certain plumber’s tools provide functions very different from the ones from household equipment that conduct minor repairs, these are regarded as specific to the procedures they are intended to carry out. You may be planning on doing a little do-it-yourself plumbing in your house or just curious about tools often used in your plumber, the information below might help familiarize you with tools that a plumber might use on the job.

Tools You Might be Informed About
A few of the tools that the plumber needs to use include tools you’ve seen a million times, although their particular applications may be a bit different.

Adjustable Wrenches
Adjustable wrenches are usually opened or closed to fit various measurements of nuts and bolts. There are various sizes of flexible wrenches, but a plumber should’ve at least a regular 10″ to 12″ flexible wrench.

Pipe Wrenches
Because a lots of plumbing takes place in and around pipes, it is important to plumbers. Pipe wrenches utilize their adjustable and toothed jaws to proper grip and switch threaded pipes and pipe accessories. Pipe wrenches range in size from 12″ wrenches to 18″ wrenches. A plumber will probably need at least several sizes of this tool.

Rib-joint Pliers
This is certainly one more adjustable tool that’s very helpful for turning nuts, bolts, pipes and fittings. It is also utilized to grip things of numerous sizes firmly.

Locking Pliers
This tool is used by plumbers to execute clamping methods. They are generally to lock a bolt or pipe into position while the plumber is working with other parts.

Plumbers utilize screwdrivers in many of the same ways you may use them around the house. They normally should have at least a few various sized screwdrivers for task such as removing plumbing-related appliances or disassembling faucets so that you can change washers.

Measuring Tape
Plumbers often must evaluate runs of pipe and also distances between a number of plumbing parts.

Tools That You Might Not Have Utilized Before

Pipe Cutters
A pipe cutter is an essential tool that each plumber must have. It’s actually not to say that all plumber need to use this tool on every single job, but it definitely is used with some frequency.

Drain Augers
You could have heard plumbers refer to a “snake.” A drain auger falls under this type and it is fundamentally a device intended to get rid of clogs that can not be pushed through using a plunger. The device includes a coiled metal wire with space between the coils in the end. Other end has a device which includes a crank which rotates the wire the way it moves down into the pipe or drain.

Toilet Augers
This kind of auger, also typically called a “closet auger” is based on exactly the same premise as a drain auger however it is specifically designed for use with clogged toilets.

14 Simple Gardening Tips and Tricks

From using leftover coffee beans to preventing dirt from getting underneath fingernails, master gardener Paul James shares his top 14 tips and shortcuts to make spring gardening a breeze.

Flowerpots of Different Colors

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Here, the latest tips and tricks from Paul James, host of Gardening by the Yard:

1. To remove the salt deposits that form on clay pots, combine equal parts white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Apply the mixture to the pot and scrub with a plastic brush. Let the pot dry before you plant anything in it.

2. To prevent accumulating dirt under your fingernails while you work in the garden, draw your fingernails across a bar of soap and you’ll effectively seal the undersides of your nails so dirt can’t collect beneath them. Then, after you’ve finished in the garden, use a nailbrush to remove the soap and your nails will be sparkling clean.

3. To prevent the line on your string trimmer from jamming or breaking, treat with a spray vegetable oil before installing it in the trimmer.

4. Turn a long-handled tool into a measuring stick! Lay a long-handled garden tool on the ground, and next to it place a tape measure. Using a permanent marker, write inch and foot marks on the handle. When you need to space plants a certain distance apart (from just an inch to several feet) you’ll already have a measuring device in your hand.

5. To have garden twine handy when you need it, just stick a ball of twine in a small clay pot, pull the end of the twine through the drainage hole, and set the pot upside down in the garden. Do that, and you’ll never go looking for twine again



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Bedroom Design Suggestions

The master bedroom is the place held as the most sacred and crucial part of the household as it is the personal space in which the owners, which surely you and your spouse, stay.Due to the significance of this place, it deserves the right care by maintaining it the most effective styled and well-tended portion of the house.And surprisingly, your significant other is one most effective tool to begin performing the improvement of the design of your master bedroom.

There are tremendously many tips on master bedroom styles that you could consider in order that it may not be confusing which type must be decided on.Below are a few of points that will assist you in coming up with your personal style.

A. Patterns and Designs

Like the other areas of your home, your master bedroom needs to have a fantastic style and design.Always strive to make it comfy and calming as possible in order that you can take pleasure in every moment of your stay on this room.Making use of the suitable pattern, artworks and arranging will always depend on the space of your bedroom. You may choose it to be sophisticated or maybe bold; it always depends upon your style.

B. Bedroom Color

Go with fabric and color themes which are suitable and matches your room’s style and design.Same as in design, select the color that you both agreed.For brighter and spacious ambiance of the master bedroom go with the light colors however if you like it to be bold select the bright ones.

Pieces of Furniture

Buy only the furniture which are necessary in the room so that it won’t stack up in your room and you will still have sufficient space to move without restraint.Since you are going to harmonize the furniture, make sure you are picking out those that will blend well on the chosen paint colors on the walls and ceiling.In reality, it is actually the bed this is the most important piece of all mainly because it will consume a lot of space.They must go well with the complete design of the master bedroom and will not result in a clutter.

D. Window Treatment

It’s the factor that concludes the details in the bedroom.Layer your home windows with a curtain or any type of window treatment application in a way that you could close and open anytime, will give you the privacy that you desire, and all of these without giving up aesthetic aspect.Window treatment applications happen to be in great kinds in home improvement outlets, so you can buy the best one that will compliment with the whole ambiance of the master bedroom.

Approach to Saving on Furniture Purchases

Perking up your property could cost you a lot of cash. And this is mainly the case when you purchase list is full of delicate and well-known furnishing pieces. Frequently, you end up paying mindless amount of money and that too quite needlessly on furniture goods due to a falsely held belief that cheap furniture items are automatically of poor quality. Yes, that may be at times but it just takes a short amount of time, hard work and investigation to get the best from your hard earned cash without compromising the quality of your furniture. This piece of educational article is going to equip you with the information on how to spend less on your furniture acquisition.

First things first! Budget earmarking is the first thing once you are out to buy furniture. A maximum and minimum range should be set.It must not be too low nor too high and it needs to be ideal for each type. And also, you have to create a listing of every item that you need and tag those of most priority.

Strive always to discover the main supplier. The dealers dealing in bulk can offer large discounts in your purchase.And also, you can ensure of the quality. For instance, if your decision is exquisitely made Amish handmade furniture, continually look for wholesale Amish furniture vendor in the area. In this way you’ll be able to guarantee that you have the true and quality ones from a reputable company. This is also to prevent problems when confronted with suppliers. And most and foremost, it’ll no longer have retailer’s markup price so it will be lower as compared to others that are dealing Amish furniture.

You may even check thrift stores, furniture warehouses and major furniture dealers that may help you in saving extra. These furniture may not that of quality however it is not too bad at all. The furniture may have small defects but it doesn’t affect its function. It’s just not a big deal at all since it won’t be bringing danger to the family.

A similar reasoning applies to the used furniture. Obviously, those brand or quality conscious won’t go for such furniture but if you are going for vintage theme, then used furniture is going to be fine. Cheap and quality used furniture from a reputed used furniture dealer could not be a bad deal.

Annual sale time is ideal for acquiring expensive furniture items. Sales are a bonanza time for the buyers seeking to save hard-earned dollars. As everything-must-go is the catchphrase in these sales, throwaway prices are the order of the day.

Be aware of promotional schemes of major furniture retailers. Every store will do everything just to bring in customers even if they already tricking you to spend more.In-store credit card, discount on second purchase, customer retention schemes are all part of the strategies that will gain both the retailers as well as the buyers.

The key purpose when looking for furniture is actually to obtain those of good quality and yet cheap. Use all dealing techniques to get the additional discounts on furniture stock.


Painting Furniture is SUPER easy and can save you lots and lots of $$

Happy Valentine’s Day! Why not start the day off with a Pink Dresser transformation. Painting furniture is one of my favorite things to do around here because it can save a TON of money. Most of the time the style of an old/thrifted dresser far exceeds the style of a new dresser and its hefty price tag.
I have been working on my girls’ beautiful room for awhile, and my cute hubby found this amazing dresser at the DI {Utah’s version of Goodwill} for only $40.00. It was SOL-LID and in great shape. All it needed was a little love, spray paint, and glaze.


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I get questions about spray paint ALL THE TIME, and I think some are surprised that spray paint is my preferred method of painting furniture. In fact, my spray paint 101 post is one of my most viewed posts of all time.
There are a few main reasons why I prefer spray paint. First of all, spray paint is oil based, and in my experience oil based paint does a much better job at sticking. Secondly, spray paint {once you know what you are doing} leaves a perfect finish without brush strokes. And lastly {not leastly}, Spray paint saves me a TON of time, and that’s even with me taking my time. I go slow when I’m painting furniture because I don’t want it to look terrible at the end of the process.
I prefer KILZ primer for most of my projects, but honestly it depends on the color I’m painting. But, most of the time I use KILZ spray original primer.
Even though the picture below shows eight cans of KILZ, I did not use that many cans on this dresser. I only used two cans of primer on this project, and four {three and a half to be exact} cans of Krylon Watermelon.


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painting-furniture (4)

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After the project has several coats of primer, I sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper to remove the gritty texture that sometimes remains after priming. It takes literally 30 seconds to sand off the gritty texture by hand.
Then the process of painting begins. I love Krylon brand, but lately I’ve learned to expand my horizons with other brands too. I like that Krylon has a variety of colors, but Rustoleum products have impressed me lately too. I am accustomed to the Krylon nozzle so I still prefer it over others, but if you don’t have a preference on nozzle and can get a smooth result with another one, have at it.

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Growing beans

Beans growing up canes

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Sow seeds for runner, climbing French and dwarf beans from April onwards and you’ll be picking lots of tasty pods through the summer months.  Follow our guide to growing these beans, which can all be treated the same way.



Where to grow

Beans are perfect for a sunny, well-drained spot. They prefer to grow in moist, fertile soil in a sheltered spot away from strong winds, but can also be grown successfully in pots.

What to do

Soil preparation

  • Prepare the soil for planting by digging over and adding plenty of organic material, such as well-rotted manure or leaf mould – this will help to improve the soil’s moisture-retaining ability and fertility. Many gardeners swear by preparing a bean trench in the winter and filling it with the rotted contents of the compost bin. Once covered with soil in late spring, the seeds can then be sown on top of the trench.
  • If you are growing beans in containers, choose pots at least 45cm (18in) in diameter and make sure there are plenty of drainage holes. Fill with a mixture of equal parts loam-based compost and loam-free compost.
  • Before planting, create a support for climbing French and runner beans. Either make a wigwam with 2.4m (8ft) canes, lashed together with string at the top, or create a parallel row of canes, which have their tops tightly secured to a horizontal cane. Each row should be 60cm (23in) apart and canes spaced 15cm (6in) apart in the row.

How to sow seeds

  • Sowing seeds indoors gives a faster and more reliable germination rate, particularly for runner beans. At the end of April sow a single bean seed, 4cm (1.5in) deep, in a 7.5cm (3in) pot filled with multi-purpose compost.


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Plumbing Works Benefits

Plumbing primarily consist of two key aspects just like plastic pipe plumbing and metal pipe plumbing.Working with pipes and tubing which is the reason for distributing, transporting and draining water and removing of sewage are just some of the skill sets a plumber must develop.

Home fix plumbing may make use of supplies just like augers, plungers, screwdrivers, washers, pipe wrenches, adjustable wrenches, pliers and caulk.There are many plumbing technicians focusing on shower set up, drain remedy, and various kinds of toilette plumbing problems.There are also different methods of plumbing frequently been used by plumbers to setup watering systems.The plumbing has to meet up with the desires of the homeowners in the setup of the plumbing system.

A different type of plumbing is the sub-rough plumbing which is the popular term for basement bathroom. Basement bathroom plumbing is installation of a plastic sump beneath the basement floor. Three primary areas of plumbing are installation of new pipes, repair work that needs completing and servicing contracts. Plumbing work would include all new fixtures and installation on kitchen, lavatories, floor sinks, and connections.The plumbing works call for a very tedious practical activity and can be completed for many hours, days or even weeks.Plumbing is an extremely-expert commerce demanding a range of fields of particular knowledge, training and expertise.

You must make sure that the company or plumbing service provider that are involved with, has past experiences and possesses reliable feedback from former customers so that you can guarantee that the job is executed well and desirable.Once, my father employed a team of none authorized plumbers to undertake some work on his ensuite restroom but they ended up building a complete hash of it.They didn’t weld the pipework together, in fact we suspect they used pipesthat weretaken from a manufacturing facility down the lane and after just a very small amount of time, and leaks begin to show up.

We did not see that the ceiling above our house is dripping and the waters are slowly filling when abruptly it dropped.It cost about twelve thousand bucks to repair the pool and of course the complete shame my pops felt as a few of the guests were recognized individuals from his group of business.

It took him too much humiliation and funds before he understood the significance of a qualified plumbing company.

And so, we should not wait for things to get worse, rather, invest on the high quality of every job requested.

Know The Simple Plumbing Codes And Principles

If you are building your new home or probably reconstructing, plumbing is one of the most tedious work involved along the process. In establishments, they must set up the right plumbing system to be sure that they adhere to the rules of plumbing. Plumbing codes are available to everyone to make plumbing a top priority with regards to construction.

When there is a unexpected need for plumbing services regardless of whether in a building or house, a dependable service provider must be called and discuss to them the job to be carried out. Now, it is your obligation to evaluate if the plans are meeting the plumbing codes and if the building contractors have considered the different plumbing concepts to guarantee that the entire project is not breaking any sort of state codes or policies.

The majority of the state observes uniform plumbing code that is to regulate the installation and inspection of plumbing systems. Even so, there are instances the authorities adjusts it according to the necessities of the area. In case you are a person who is just new in the business, you need at least to be familiar with the fundamental and most common principles just to be guided in your work.

One particular common or basic plumbing principle is determining the water supply. This principle intends to make sure that any place where people occupy or inhabit needs to have a clean and fresh water source every single moment. Properly constructed and planned out back-flow and sewage systems are very important to avoid any contaminants.

An ample amount of water is likewise necessary. When you have triggered leaks or any shortages in the water, then that can be a plumbing code offense. In case you choose to use a heating device, make sure that each equipment successfully passed the safety standards to prevent overheating and explosion. Otherwise, the pipe, tube and fitting sizes specified are expressed in nominal or standard sizes as designated in the material standards. If not, it is going to just result to clogs and explosion.

Each time you link a water pipe to the drainage system you’ll need a water seal trap there too. Establishing air circulation to prevent over-flows can also be vital. Important plans of the uniform plumbing code are to safeguard public’s health, safety and welfare especially on the home owners. The plumbing system should always be well-maintained, water tanks drained and refilled to get rid of rust and unnecessary particles in water.

Do not forget that the plumbing codes do not exist to make your life harder or complex. These codes ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of the enjoying a safe and sanitary plumbing system. In the end, everybody will gain if the plumbing codes are observed. Everyone will have a better, clean and safe place to live in.