Monthly Archives: May 2014

Exciting times ahead.

Just moved to Singapore with my husband and am looking forward to a great time here. One of the first thing that hit me when i arrived is how warm it is. Next is how as a asian country, the mindset of the locals are really much closer to those of us from the western side of the globe.

I was really expecting much more conservative dressing and what i saw on the street actually caught me off guard. Here is a topic (pretty old but new to me) that i saw on a local site called stomp:

singapore women - warm weather

You can view the full post here:

Looks like i got to keep a close watch on my hubby =p

Anyway Parties can be found every night at the local clubs and i must say the club scene is quite good. One of the first term i learnt while at a club is the word SPG. Being a curious cat, here is what i found about what the locals thought of each other:

all in all i must say that Singapore has been quite a spectacular place to live in with their own unique culture.

Now all i need is a good handyman to help put up the pictures and bathroom accessories. Update again in a few days or once i have the time after everything at home has settled down.