20 Trendy Striped Bedroom Wall Design Ideas

I find that stripes add interest in many different mediums throughout the home. Stripes in interior design can be soft, bold or subtle. Read how to include stripes in your design scheme.

(C) Rilane

(C) Rilane

We have all styled a room and pondered what it is missing. That moment when you stand back and wonder what you can add to the design that would create an in depth and completed look. A simple solution is often overlooked. The stylish aspects of striped bedroom wall ideas will bring the right amount of dimension to your room. Dual tones are set in contrasting hues or shaded effects. Striped walls frame the decorative aspects to the space allowing for creativity to flourish. This particular style offers a visionary dynamic that makes a statement and brings your style to view.

A variety of colors and tones are used to create a balanced look using stripes. The symmetrical quality of the theme brings a charismatic perspective to the style. You can alter the spaces design with horizontal or vertical cues that will elaborate on your personal  and thoughtful style. In the images below we have included keen examples of stripes and how they collaborate with the design of the bedroom. You will see how the colors meet the design with fresh tones. Each room is holds a differentiated theme. Lighting and decorative appeals bring the space to a completed style.

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