“Even the most minimal of minimalists in the world have a collection of something. We all collect, whether we set out to amass a collection or it happens organically, our affinity for one thing or another grows. And grows. And grows until you have no idea what to do with all of your seashells, rocks, clocks, or vintage buttons. To build a collection, one must combine passion, patience and connoisseurship. But to beautifully display a collection? This requires equal measures of organizational ingenuity and ruthless editing.”


I was inspired by this morning’s #DSArt challenge to round up great examples of the ways people have created artwork in their home from beautiful collections. From tiny deer figurines and mirror collections to stunning framed botanical prints and shadowboxed handkerchiefs, these homes have used so many creative ideas for displaying collections without them feeling overwhelming, or by relegating them to closed books and cabinets somewhere. I love the way these display ideas have brought treasured objects – even the most everyday objects like spoons – to life and turned them into a conversation piece in everyone’s homes. I hope they’ll be inspiring and perhaps lead to a little weekend re-decorating! xo, grace

Read more: http://www.designsponge.com/2014/03/20-great-collections-and-ways-to-display-them.html