15 Ideas for Asian Patio Designs

Actually, there are a number of reasons people choose to build an Asian inspired patio in their yards. With their beauty and timeless appeal, Asian-style patios offer serene style that will enchant viewers and enhance your home.

(C) homedesignlover.com

(C) homedesignlover.com

Most homes would have a patio for it is one way to make the outdoors space more useful. It can merely be a garden with a paved area, an outdoor dining area, a wooden decked seating area, or just whatever the homeowner wants to have for its outdoor area. Whatever is the use of the patio, it sure is one space that immediately becomes one of the homeowner’s favorite because of how it unites with nature.

Today, we will show you some beautifully designed Asian-themed patio designs.

Expect to see some sculptures that are totally Asian – wood, bamboo, and other elements. We are sure that you will love these patios especially how they are lighted and decorated.

In the end, pick your favorite patio design and tell us why you love it!

Architectural Photography

That wall sculpture in this garden became the focal point of the area as it set a dining table and chairs for outdoor dining and bonding.

St. Croix Residence

This small patio has a garden that will make one feel relaxed because of its Zen feel.

Ruess St.

A wooden patio with a bench and planter in one. That wall decor on one side stroked that Asian look.

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