14 Ways to Declutter Your Garage

Can’t get your car into the garage, let alone walk through? Is it hard for you to park you car? I guess these are the signs that you need to declutter your garage. Learn the tips on how to organize and clean your garage.

Keeping your garage neat, yet tools and necessary items close-at-hand has never been easier thanks to intuitive design and increased storage options. Don’t give up on your garage! Find a storage solution that works for your space.

(C) franklin.lib.oh.us

(C) franklin.lib.oh.us

1. Storage Bins and Boxes

Probably the most versatile storage option, storage boxes and bins are a great choice for every room in the house (and for the garage, too!). From holiday decorations to extra bedding and out-of-season clothing, these affordable containers corral and organize our lives, so store your unused heirlooms and junk drawer finds in style. Endless options allow you to customize storage to fit your every need.

2. Workbenches

These are a must for any handy-person. One of the first steps to creating an organized garage is designating areas for everything. No junk corners here! Optimize your space with storage that does more than hide things away. A dedicated place for projects keeps the mess contained and keeps you on track—you can pick up right where you left off and everything you need remains within arm’s length.

3. Storage Lockers

For all the items you’d like hidden from view, colorful options infuse a space with life, and can warm up your garage’s dreary cement. If your family enters through the garage, consider creating a a mud area in the garage to keep muddy shoes outside the house. For kids, individual lockers create a sense of ownership, making them more likely to put away their items.

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