10 simple ways to avoid or reduce waste

“Nowadays, with proven technologies to make energy out of garbage, landfills are simply an obsolete form of waste disposal. And yet still they are continually increasing in both number and size. To the detriment of future generations and ourselves, we are encouraged to consume things that we don’t need and which don’t even provide added value to our lives.”

At the ‘most preferred’ end of the Waste Management Hierarchy we have ‘Avoidance’ – this means to strive to eliminate as much waste as possible at the source. It’s all about thinking before we make our purchases and really considering our needs versus our wants. Below are 10 tips on how you can ‘avoid’ or reduce waste at home and at work:

1.  Buy only what you need – before you make a purchase really think about whether you actually ‘need’ it or just ‘want’ it. Going through this thought process may save you some money too.

Read more: https://ksenvironmental.com.au/10-tips-on-how-to-avoid-or-reduce-waste/

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