10 Indoor Plants That Are Perfect For Your Bathroom

It can be difficult to know which indoor plant will be suitable for your bathroom. But here are some indoor plants that can survive inside your bathroom. Find out how you can freshen up your bathroom with just adding some indoor plants.

Plants add interest, texture and colour to your bathroom – they even purify the air. But not all houseplants are happy living in a moist environment. Superstar florist Eden Hessell helps us to weed through our options by rounding up 10 plants that are sure to thrive in your bathroom.

Donkey’s tail

(C) GreenMyLife

(C) GreenMyLife

This easy-care succulent native to Mexico features long, hanging stems of thick, blue-green leaves that overlap like the hair on a Donkey’s tail. The cascading stems mean this plant looks gorgeous in a hanging basket in any bathroom. This plant needs light, not much watering, and does well in basic humidity.

String of pearl

Another easy-care succulent, String Of Pearls unique seaweed-like beads trail over hanging baskets, creating an interesting focal point hanging in a bathroom. This drought-tolerant plant likes bright, indirect light and well-drained soil – like any succulent it won’t survive overwatering.

Baby’s tear

This bright green delicate creeping herb trails prettily over wall-mounted planters or hanging baskets. It prefers shade and moisture, making it ideal for bathrooms with low levels of natural light.

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