China committed to Climate Change as Trump-diots pull the cord

Sometimes i wonder if true democracy is really that good? Seeing how jokers like Trump are in the hot seat denying global warming as a hoax really scares me. I am glad China at least is still be ruled by someone with some common sense.

I really wonder what holds for the next generation, for my kids. I recall viewing a comic of how different the future is viewed from the 80s. Full of new invention, discoveries and more while if you are to paint a picture of the future now it only looks so grim.

China is still committed to the Paris climate change accord agreed in 2015, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on Wednesday after U.S. President Donald Trump signed overnight an order to dismantle Obama-era climate change regulations. Credits: China still committed to Paris climate change deal – foreign ministry

Home Repair for Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a serious winter plumbing problem. Because ice expands, frozen pipes can burst and cause flooding when they subsequently thaw. Therefore, they require immediate attention.


frozen water pipes

Frigid temperatures make home repair for frozen pipes a useful skill for any homeowner. While no homeowner wants to deal with frozen pipes, knowing how to fix the problem reduces the stress should the situation arise.


Problems with Frozen Pipes

Water pipes sometimes freeze during spells of extremely cold temperatures. Pipes are more likely to freeze in uninhabited homes that aren’t heated, have a low thermostat temperature and have no water flowing through the pipes. Pipes that run through exterior walls are also more susceptible to freezing, particularly when the outdoor temperatures are very low. Pipes that run through unheated areas such as the attic or basement crawl spaces are also more likely to freeze.

Frozen water pipes are more than an inconvenience. There is a good chance the pipes will crack or burst because the water expands as it freezes. If damage does occur to the pipes, you’ll end up with quite an expensive mess when the ice thaws. The water can cause severe damage to the walls, floors and other parts of the home in addition to the pipes needing replacement.

Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Preventing frozen pipes in the first place is the best course of action for a homeowner. There are several steps you can take to prevent frozen pipes during the cold winter months.

  • Keep a small trickle of water running through the faucets. Flowing water is much less likely to freeze than water that is standing still.
  • Don’t lower the thermostat too much, particularly during extremely cold temperatures. If you’re going away, never set your thermostat lower than 55 degrees.
  • Add insulation to the exposed water pipes, particularly in unheated areas of the attic and crawl spaces. You can purchase pipe insulation at the home improvement store that you cut to length and place on the pipes.
  • Look for air leaks in the home, particularly near water pipes. Seal these leaks to keep the pipes warm.
  • Add insulation to attics and crawl spaces to increase the area’s overall heat level.

Tips on Home Repair for Frozen Pipes

If it’s too late for prevention and your pipes are already frozen, proceed with caution. You’ll want to keep an eye out for cracks and other damage to the pipes. These steps can help you thaw the pipes yourself.


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Benefits in Using Synthetic Grass

For most things in this world, natural is the foremost solution to use. Even so, it is not a rule which is globally accurate, because there are a few situations in which the synthetic choice is actually a better solution – take synthetic grass for instance. Artificial turf can fill out for the genuine thing in every circumstance, whether it’s a playground or a backyard, the front lawn of an office park as well as indoor space.

A. Easy to maintain: If you’re a busy person and have limited time in taking good care of tasks like keeping your lawn, therefore synthetic grass is ideal for you. The synthetic turf is crafted from resilient materials, that’s why it could be an expensive expenditure at first. Yet in the long run, its cost will pay off since you won’t have to use much effort on watering, mowing and maintaining it. It will also withstand all climate conditions from the lowest temperatures to the hottest and driest of conditions.

Image result for Synthetic Grass


B. Multipurpose: Synthetic grass is not just limited to your lawns. It could also be utilized in several other functions. It truly is perfect for dog kennels since it can’t be dug up and can be easily cleaned. It could be placed for decorative uses in any area of the house. In this alone, you’ll be persuaded that synthetic grass is an excellent expenditure as it is multi-functional and you’re only limited to your own creativity. Irrespective of the intended usage though, you can be sure to find artificial turf to suit.

C. Green option: Without a doubt, it is environmentally friendly these days of water scarcity to choose synthetic grass. You won’t need water on a regular basis and also no fertilizer is being used in the upkeep of synthetic grass. It is additionally a great option for big, lush lawns which are used to host events. The lawns don’t require a lot of maintenance.

D. Ideal for golf courses and sports clubs: Where the deterioration is more as well as the strain on grass is remarkably high, it makes more sense to set up synthetic grass. It’ll stay green forever. It is great for the undulating surface of golf courses. It could be easily washed and won’t attract dust, insects and fungus. You can use fake grass very easily for bowling greens for the same easy maintenance perspective.

E. Ideal for landscaping around pools: Synthetic grass has good ground cover in the splash back section of swimming pools. This doesn’t allow mud and dirt to accumulate so the pool remains clean. Regardless of what the weather is, it always remains green and won’t ruin or dirty the pool area.

With all these many advantages, it is no wonder that artificial grass is growing well-liked nowadays.

How to Choose the Right Toilets and Bidets

The bidet was discovered on the 1700s and later developed in a number of kinds. Like other things there are several types of them and getting to know the different sorts will let you pick which one you want. For most households, the bidet has been number one in terms of maintaining good hygiene standards in the bathroom.


Toilet bowls and tanks are made of special clay called vitreous china. Vitreous china is a mixture of various types of clay, called ball clay and china clay, silica, and a fluxing agent. While the toilet seats are often made from one of two materials. The plastics one are created from polysterene and the wood which you’ll find usually maple or birch. With such materials, everyone can find any type and design that will fit their bathroom’s theme.

The height and length of toilets can differ broadly. Today, toilets that happens to be about an inch taller than average turned out to be more popular due to their added ease and comfort of use. It’s for this reason that these kinds of toilets are often known as “comfort toilets.” Vanity bowls also come in round and elongated shapes. They’re particularly popular for homeowners working with large spaces, and they’re a lot more comfortable than most toilets found in the average home.

Just before, people have to spend too much on toilet paper but when bidets came, it removed the expenses for such. By using the bidet, one utilizes water and cleans the area with water which is better than merely wiping with paper and that’s why it became a need and significant aspect in bathroom. Bidet is absolutely better when it comes to hygiene.

When you hear of the bidet you typically hear of the bidet which is mounted on the toilet, yet there exists yet another kind of bidet. This bidet is a hose that hangs next to your toilet. With the handhold bidet comes better control. Considering that the hose is not connected to the toilet you are able to maneuver it in whatever way you want. However the bidet connected toilet is a lot cheaper and space saving than the separate one. It is the kind of bidet that will not require a lot of space because it’s installed on the toilet. This is less complicated too simply because you don’t have to transfer to another fixture to clean yourself.

Taking factors such as style, height, size and a lot more into account will make your first bidet purchase a much easier experience. Knowing beforehand what shape your toilet is will let you find the perfect bidet for your needs. There are various shapes and only certain bidets will fit on every shape. Also having a budget and sticking to it will help you in choosing the appropriate bidet as there are many out there that are really expensive that has the same features with the less costly ones. Knowing first what you need will assist you to decide the type to have.

What Makes A Quartz Countertop Special?

The most common home makeovers currently is the kitchen, followed closely by the master bath. In the kitchen makeovers mostly entail the appliances, the flooring, the cupboards and the countertops, while the bathroom may include a number of changes, but unavoidably, the countertops. In fact, there is just something special about having beautiful countertops – particularly when they are an easy to maintain material like quartz.

Image result for quartz countertops

1) Price

In case your kitchen is large and contains plenty of counter space, then your budget can quickly rise. If you choose quartz, you aren’t left figuring out whether or not to compromise a fantastic look for a reasonable price.

2) Durability

A man-made product, these counters are created by mixing 93 percent of the natural stone (which is the 2nd most abundant material in the earth’s crust) with 7 percent resin binder. The result is a sturdy stone that is essentially stronger than granite or marble, that happen to be quarried from the earth as a single chuck. But do not let the toughness scare you off – it’s still shaped, cut, and finished using the same stone-cutting equipment.

3) Non-porous

Both granite and marble are porous stones, composed of tiny capillary channels found between the minerals. Any staining product, such as red wine, could possibly result in permanent staining to these stones. Quartz, on the other hand, is very stain resistant, making it simpler to maintain in the kitchen or bathroom.

4) Sanitary

This natural product is non-penetrable that makes it suitable for places that are subject to bacteria like the kitchen or bathroom. In other penetrable materials, bacteria could percolate in the countertop and remain in there, for that reason would only signify it can be moved towards your food or yourself making you become sick.

5) Cleaning

The ability to provide a wipe with warm water and dry it and know that your worktop is as good as new is massively appealing to many owners. With busy lifestyles, we don’t have the time to spend hours sealing and caring for our worktops, and that’s why this material has become one of the biggest sellers throughout the world.


Granite and marble countertops should be sealed regularly to stop staining and the growth of bacteria. In contrast to its counterparts, quartz doesn’t involve sealing or any routine maintenance to maintain its beauty and performance.

You can’t fail with the look, durability, or eco-friendly feature of quartz, that rivals granite in price and now exceeds it in popularity. How it looks really is dependent upon the quality of the installation, work with a supplier who gives top quality materials and seasoned installers.

Singapore Budget 2017: 4 things families need to know!

It pays to be informed. Know more of your privileges and preparations this year!

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat has just announced Singapore Budget 2017, and we decode what it means for families. Also, do check out our infographic, which we hope, will help in understanding this year’s budget for families a lot better.


Families who are first- time home buyers will receive more CPF Housing Grants if they opt for HDB resale flats.

Families buying 4-room flats or smaller from the resale market will get a CPF Housing Grant of $50,000 (up from $30,000). Those purchasing 5-room flats or bigger from the resale market stand to get a CPF Housing grant of $40,000.

Please note that these changes take place with immediate effect.

This means that maximum amount of housing grants available for resale flats has gone up to $110,000, if you consider the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) and Proximity Housing Grant (PHG).

(The AHG gives applicants up to $40,000, for those whose combined incomes are $5,000 and below, while the PHG gives a further $20,000 for those who live near their parents.)


The Government plans to increase the total capacity of centre-based infant care to 8,000 by year 2020, up from the current 4,000. This is to meet growing demand, considering that both parents work these days, and many are reluctant to leave their babies at the hands of a maid.


In a move to encourage students to study more, bursaries for students attending post-secondary education institutions like junior college or ITE has been increased.

Undergraduate students stand to get up to $400 more, diploma students gain up to $350 more, and ITE students up to $200 more. The income eligibility criteria to receive such bursaries will also be revised, and about 12,000 more Singapore students are expected to benefit from this move.


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Wireless Security Camera System

Among the diverse security products, wireless security cameras are among the hottest items. Chosen for a number of reasons the cameras have opened up new possibilities for creating progressive security systems at home or work area.

Putting in a home wireless security camera system is an investment that could pay off many times its worth. Giving security against thieves, reassurance and safety is nearly impossible to set a price by keeping your valuables safe.


Wireless security camera functions by sending a video signal to a receiver by way of transmitter in the camera. It is possible to connect the receiver to a personal computer, TV, VCR, etc. There are no need for wires between the camera and receiver. You will be able to put the receiver anywhere from 700 feet entirely up to 10 miles from your wireless camera; again this depends on the unit and model you buy. The receiver is able to permeate through objects like: walls, glass, wood, plastic, fiberglass and even some metals.

Wireless camera systems include a few options. This option is Infrared LED light that can provide a wireless camera system with an outdoor camera system and night vision which facilitates a security camera to withstand the elements. Camera software also endow with the wireless security network with the capability to outlook its video feed distantly, while the users are out or on the subway and a lot more.

If linked into a television or computer, the live feed on the security camera may be instantly recorded to the DVD, cassette and hard drive depends on which is far more convenient.

The quality of the images may vary from camera to camera because it depends on variables like compression ratios and images stored per second. The manufacturers of wireless security cameras use various compression standards and ratios.

Right now, a home wireless security camera system is actually less expensive solution than ever. It’s not going to leave a gap in your wallet. A professional system will surely cost many times compared to what a wireless system cost. The home wireless security camera system is the least expensive of all types, and it gives you plenty of options to pick from. This mean that you could place the device even in hard to reach places, and it can be program to feed the surveillance over the internet.

Whether you decided to go with a wired or wireless security camera, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected or your employees are doing its job as they need to.

Choosing a Clothesline

Image result for portable clothesline

(c) Bunnings

It is quite common for individuals to use driers within the washing machine to dry clothes. Even though this is an extremely effective method, the cost of electricity bill becomes a bit heavy. Everyone can definitely avoid this and that is when retractable clothesline comes into play. Precisely why people prefer driers is that they work well. In fact, they were introduced so that people may dry their clothes even during the rainy seasons when drying clothes outside is impossible.

Considering the life style of an individual, as well as the place of living and washing clothes regularity, need to for a person to put up these products in proper places. Probably the most offering feature of an outdoor clothesline would be that the installation is extremely easy and simple. Just like you consider various things before selecting any product, there are few items to remember while buying these products.

This is probably the very first thing that a person needs to check. You can utilize numerous alternatives which includes retractable ones that an individual can utilize as and when necessary. Probably the most preferred types is the umbrella style. Even a simple line between two poles is something well liked and easy to use. Seek out all of the available choices before actually buying.

Take into account the amount of space for your use, in which you can hang your family clothesline. Get an umbrella style clothes line. This enables you to ensure maximum and most efficient utilization of space at your disposal. Plus, they have the tiniest carbon footprint and if you have a large family, then this is possibly what you need.

The average load of laundry makes use of about 50 feet of line. Simply multiply it times the number of loads you typically wash in a day to figure the ideal clothesline size. Determine the amount of laundry to dry to figure out the right one for your requirements.

If moving your clothesline about is a thing that you are trying to do, then you should certainly get the umbrella style of clotheslines given that they can be simply moved from one place to another. Portability is a consideration for when weather is changing frequently in your area.

Finally, individuals ought to evaluate the cost of these products since these often vary. If purchasing online, they must remember that the prices are different on several websites. Compare the prices and go forth the one which suits the budget.

Regardless of what type of home, apartment of condo you’ve got, you can find a clothesline that can provide what you need. Nothing beats clothes that have been dried in the fresh air on a clothesline. It genuinely helps you to bring a bit of sunshine in your home.

39 Wood Crate Storage Ideas That Will Have You Organized In No Time!

Storage is always a bit of a problem, especially when you are in a small space. We take a look at some “out of the box” solutions for creative storage ideas.


There are so many ways to organize and tidy up the house. Most of us want our homes clean and free from clutter but style is important too! Fortunately enough, there are a plethora of ideas floating around the Internet and today we’re sharing innovative ways to bring neatness to the house by using wooden crates. Write them down, get inspired and scroll through all 39 wood create storage ideas that will have you organized in no time!

Floating Shelves

Floating boxed wooden shelves

You can easily turn wooden crates into floating shelves to suit all kind of organizational needs or even create a display wall inside the living room. This can be a really fun DIY to test your skills at as well.

Spice Rack

Wooden spice rack

Did you know that you can split a wooden crate and turn it into a spice rack? Of course you can hang it on its own and do the same thing, or get even more creative with the styling. The important thing here is that you’re organizing all your spices – and if enough room, sauces too!

Mini Bookcase

Mini bookcase on wheels

Use one or even four wooden crate to create a miniature bookcase to suit your needs inside the bedroom or even home office. Add some wheels to make it easy to move and voila … book organization in minutes!


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Transitional Design: What It Is and How To Pull It Off

The importance of comfort and relaxation in our homes has been growing at the same fast pace as our hectic busy lives. Transitional design is at the forefront of that idea. It takes the stuffy attitude out of traditional style and the cold feeling from contemporary style and melds it into an elegant, updated, classic, yet casual space.


We all know that transition means moving from one place or thing to another. But what does it mean in reference to interior design? The term “transitional design” is often used by interior designers to reflect a room’s meshing of modern and traditional elements — essentially, combining two styles in one space, resulting in a cohesive design.

Why should we care about transitional style? Because it’s a hot trend. Designers are seeing a drastic increase in the number of clients who want to toss the rules out the window and merge traditional elements (such as wainscoting or antique furniture) and modern, clean-lined furnishings.

This is no easy feat to pull off — but Freshome is here to help. Here’s a primer on transitional design, as well as tips on how to mix seemingly disparate styles into a look that works for you.

bedroom grey walls side tables bedding

This transitional bedroom displays a mix of masculine and feminine details. Image Source: Amy Elbaum Designs

What Is Transitional Design?

As we touched upon, transitional design is a modern mix of classic and contemporary. You can think of it as simply a new take on an old classic, or a younger, more punchy version of traditional design. It’s especially popular among the millennial generation, as they want to venture out and create their own stamp.

Transitional design marries curved furnishings with straight-lined, lacquered finishes, resulting in a room that is equally masculine and feminine in nature. It is not a scattered, eclectic mess; rather, it is only lightly adorned with accessories, a clean room with added texture and a neutral color palette.

It might seem difficult to achieve a cohesive look when mixing such opposing styles. Let’s look a bit deeper into how to properly mesh them.

Collect this idea

white living room fireplace chairs sofa

Staying neutral with your colors allows the furniture to take center stage. Image Source: Sheridan Interiors

Transitional Is the Art of Mixing

Successful transitional design is achieved by seamlessly combining a mix of modern and traditional. While there are many interpretations of this style, here’s a list that will help you achieve a well-blended transitional look.

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